Watch Virto ONE License for all Virto on-premise products video overview

Virto ONE license allows you to use all Virto on-premise components for Microsoft SharePoint at a special price. This is a 1 year subscription for all our web parts including free upgrades, migration, and future new products. ONE License for all your needs!

50+ diversified products covering all possible business needs

There has never been a simpler way to enhance your SharePoint capabilities; over 50 SharePoint web parts, apps, and add-ins are ready for use in one multifunctional toolset! Virto ONE was designed with maximum flexibility to anticipate all possible business needs and provide our clients with premium products through the convenience of ONE license.

See all 50+ products in Virto ONE License.

ONE license. ONE carefree year.

Virto ONE solves the problem of time-consuming and expensive updates. With the convenience of a single license, you spend less time on maintenance in your SharePoint environment, and your procurement department will manage only 1 payment per year for all your enhancements in SharePoint.

ONE activation key for all products - just install and use any product.
ONE year support and maintenance including new releases and products.
ONE renewal date for all licenses - easy to manage your payments.

Request your own apps and web parts with high priority implementation

Virto ONE products cover almost all essential SharePoint use cases. But if you are looking for a specific SharePoint solution, with Virto ONE, you have access to our development team. We will analyze your request and can build new apps, web parts, and add-ons based on your specifications for MS SharePoint.

Fast and professional support

We highly appreciate your time. All Virto ONE clients get premium support and are covered by 24 hour first response time guarantee. But in fact, according to our internal helpdesk report, Virto ONE clients have the following support conditions:

- Average first response time = 1 hour 05 minutes (working hours)
- Average response time = 2 hour 07 minutes (working hours)
- 97% of tickets resolved within 3 business days
- 47% of tickets are resolved within the first response
- based on customer satisfaction survey 77% of our clients rate our Support as AWESOME

Great offer, fair price!

With Virto ONE, you get a unique discount for all Virto components and reduce your expenditures in better total cost. Don’t spend your time and budget; just add any web part when the need arises without the extra cost! Both upgrades to newer versions and Migration to new SharePoint versions are included for free.

50+ components within 1 year Virto ONE license for 1 Web-Front End Server cost only:

$339/month if paid annually
$399/month Pay as You Go monthly billing

We offer Volume, Non-Profit, Government, Academic, and Cross-Grade discounts.

You may need to know

How does Virto ONE work?
1. Download and install some or all Virto products on your SharePoint Site.
2. Purchase Virto ONE license for each Web Front-End (WFE). (Standard and Development licenses are sold separately).
3. Get 1 Virto ONE serial number for each WFE and activate it to start using all the Virto Products you need.Need to upgrade existing Virto Products?
No problem! With a Virto ONE key, all you need to do is download and install the latest version of the product. It's already activated and ready for you!

Need to migrate from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2016?
Easy! Just install all the products that you need in the new SharePoint environment and activate them with the same Virto ONE keys.
Need more information?
Email us at or use our Customer Request Form.

Also, learn more about Virto ONE Cloud license to enhance Office 365 only.

Request Virto ONE license today and feel free to use all our solutions on your SharePoint site:
Administration (web parts intended for easy management of user data, passwords and alerts),
Collaboration (designed for visual presentation of SharePoint data and easy communication),
Bulk (full block of SharePoint bulk operations with multiple files),
Content Management (intended to working with files of various types)
Workflow (web parts for creating and managing SharePoint workflows).
Virto ONE License for all Virto on-premise products
Commercial license for 1 Web-Front End

(billed annually)

The price includes:
  • Serial number for product activation
  • Unlimited 1 year support via email
  • All major and minor upgrades during 1 year
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License notes and renewal
Upon purchase, your license comes with a free 1-year update period. Once this initial period expires, an extension for a further year needs to be purchased to maintain access to the latest product updates.
Educational and non-profit discounts
We are glad to offer a set of special discounts for schools, colleges, universities, hospitals and charity organizations. Please contact our sales department for more information.