Virto ONE Cloud for Office 365

Can you predict what kind of solution someone in your company might need and when? Not really? That's not a problem anymore!
Virto ONE makes your SharePoint Online (Office 365) even more POWERFUL with just ONE license. Get access to the products that make your Office 365 environment user-friendly and let non-technical users solve various problems.
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What's Included in Virto ONE Cloud?

Virto ONE Cloud allows you to get the most useful VirtoSoftware products for Office 365 with a great discount and premium support in a single click!

Under Virto ONE Cloud you get the following list of the products which can incredibly increase the productivity of your company. Just ONE purchase – and your company is all set to get the most of SharePoint Online!

Don’t forget – apart from the products and tools you get the reliable and professional support from VirtoSoftware experts which can help you to solve any SharePoint or Office 365 issues.

How does Virto ONE Cloud Work?
Step 1
You install any or all
Apps, included in Virto
ONE Cloud;
Step 2
Define the edition you
require according to the
number of your
Office 365 users;
Step 3
Complete the order, where
during checkout you need
to specify your
Office 365 tenant URL;
Step 4
Good job!
It was easy.

Now you can use Apps, included in Virto ONE Cloud in your Office 365.
We also provide Academic, Non-Profit and Government discounts