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An effective web part that enhances and streamlines SharePoint alert management system using a wide range of settings and triggers.

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SharePoint Email & SMS Alerts and Reminders web part for Microsoft SharePoint 2019, 2016, 2013 and 2010 enhances and streamlines SharePoint Alert Management System. With SharePoint reminder web part, you can create your own SharePoint Alerts, Reminders, or Notifications and send them to a user, user group, contact list, or external recipients. Alerts can be sent to them as Emails alerts or SMS alerts. Try also our Office 365 Alerts and Reminders.

Send SharePoint alerts and reminders via email, SMS, or Clickatell

Use SharePoint reminder web part to build a flexible notification system on your SharePoint site. Send SharePoint alerts and reminders to users in emails, sms, or Clickatell service, fast and easy! Flexible scheduling options, reminders and notifications, precise filters to track specific item changes and many more features allow you to establish a powerful SharePoint email notification system.

Create a custom schedule or merge several SharePoint alerts in one message

Define the alert sending frequency and create a summary SharePoint alert. All alert triggers will be merged in one message and inform SharePoint users on all system changes in a single alert email. This way, you avoid spamming your team.

Sends reminders about upcoming and overdue events from SharePoint

SharePoint Alert and Reminder web part won’t let your team forget about any upcoming events. Use reminders to inform about important meetings, deadlines, overdue tasks, and other events. You can also create a daily reminder before or after an event and never miss out on terms to send a follow up email!

Flexible triggers and item filters system

A SharePoint alert or reminder can be triggered both on list changes or specific item changes. You can select conditions or receive an alert when a chosen item was not even changed at all. Keep SharePoint users informed about changes in tasks and projects and set flexible SharePoint notifications on items and lists.

Customize email message

You can design an email message to send SharePoint alerts, notifications, and even newsletters to users. The SharePoint reminder web part provides a wide range of tools to enhance email body with pictures, links, tables, fonts, and other features. It is also possible to customize email header and footer. The email can also include carbon copy and blind carbon copy recipients.

Why Do You Need Sharepoint Alerts and Reminders Web Part?

SharePoint alerts and notifications are essential features that allow users to work on their tasks and always be on schedule. Though alerts in SharePoint are flexible, they often require additional adjustment and detailed customization. SharePoint reminder web part provides users with this additional adjustment tool. Now, you can create your own SharePoint alert in an instant and allow it to be sent to a specific user or a group of SharePoint users. An important feature of SharePoint Alerts and reminder Web Part is the ability to create your own SharePoint alerts, using Rich Text format.

You can also define the frequency of SharePoint alerts by simply choosing one of these options: send alert immediately, hourly, daily, or weekly. SharePoint alerts can also be sent within a specified timetable (i.e., send email or sms alert only within business hours — from 8 AM to 5 PM). Also, all SharePoint alerts can be assembled into a single email, instead of being sent in several email messages.

Finally, SharePoint Alerts and Reminders web part allows to send SharePoint alerts and notifications not only as e-mail alerts, but also as SMS alerts or via instant messengers, like Jabber or Miranda.

Another feature of SharePoint reminder web part is the Custom Filtering System. This allows users to create complex terms and conditions for sending SharePoint alerts. An example would be for you to receive SharePoint notifications when your task is complete or the percentage of completion is over 90%.

The option of Custom Templates makes it possible to create a body of the SharePoint Alert message within seconds. Also, SharePoint Alerts and Reminders Message Templates enable users to use different tags in the HTML-based template body. The tags are replaced with the Alert List column fields and other elements, while the message is being drafted.

Advantages of Virto Sharepoint Alerts & Reminders Web Part:

  • Extended Alerting Capabilities
  • Easy to Deploy and Use
  • SMTP and XMPP Support
Latest releases
System requirements
SharePoint version: 2019
Operation system:
Send Email Alerts and Notifications using (SMTP) Create alerts in SharePoint to track any changes of your tasks and projects (and any list items) and send email alerts to SharePoint users.
Ability to use SMPP server provider, SMS, and Clickatell for alerts SMPP and Clickatell are supported to send alerts and reminders for SharePoint users.
Ability to use more than one SMTP connection Create several SMTP connections to send distinct alerts.
Recipients list You can select users from list which was changed. For example, send an alert to users from “Modified by” column.
Ability to add Active Directory (AD) user/group to Recipient List If alert recipients are stored in the Active Directory, you can choose this group for sending alerts. Email will be sent to all users from selected AD group. If AD Group includes sub-group, alert will be sent to all users from sub-group too.
Ability to send alerts to users from a Contact list You can choose a SharePoint Contact list as recipients list for an alert or notification
Permissions to edit web part settings and create alerts A SharePoint user with site administrator rights is empowered to adjust connection settings for Alerts and Reminders web part. He/she can also add permissions to selected SharePoint user groups to create and customize alerts for other users.
Customization of Email Alert A bunch of features to design alert's emails and SharePoint newsletters. Use rich text, add pictures, links, tables, tags, and track specific item changes in email.
Send Reminders Define the schedule for recurrent events, month and annual reports, meetings, users’ birthdays, and other events. You can assign a notification schedule and send daily reminder before or after an event.
Summary Alerts and Notifications Create summary emails with brief information about all triggered alerts within a selected period.
Send SMS Alerts and Notifications (SMPP Server Support) If an email alert from SharePoint is not an appropriate way of alert receiving for your team, send your notifications via SMS alerts.
Frequency of sending Alerts Define how often the alerts should be sent (Immediately, Every Day, Week, Before or After X days to the event, or create a custom schedule).
Use Message Templates Create message template to shorten time spent on building complex alerts. For instance, inform users about every new product released within your project.
CC and BCC recipients and ReplyTo field Ability to add CC and BCC recipients to your email and enable ReplyTo field
Send SharePoint Alerts about upcoming or overdue Events Create reminders to inform SharePoint users about scheduled meetings, upcoming, and overdue tasks.
Send SharePoint Alerts and Notifications to XMPP Instant Messengers Users (Jabber, Miranda, etc) Use supported instant messengers to inform SharePoint users about any essential changes.
Supported SharePoint versions 2010, 2013, 2016
SPFx web part Can be used on SharePoint 2019 modern sites.
Use tags in message body Add tags and clickable elements to the message body.
Using tags in links Use tags and add clickable elements to your alert/reminder message body.
Virto Alerts & Reminders Web part now supports adding clickable elements to the message. Read how you can perform that. Now for Alerts On-premise users....
We added functionality to import and export an alert from Office 365 Alerts app to another site collection....
SharePoint alerts can be configured to send an email or SMS when any documents or items on a SharePoint site have been changed....
Office 365 Alerts and Reminders App was updated with Alert Owner Groups, ability to copy alerts, and more features for message view....
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May 17, 2023
You can create literally any alert with this add-on, connect it to any messanger agent, add whatever types of files to it. Totally worth purchasing!
May 17, 2023
For me the interface looks user-friendly, and it offers comprehensive functionality, letting you customize notifications and how you receive them. It also allows to set up alerts and reminders for different SharePoint items . Try it, very easy to use and convenient web part!
August 26, 2022
Pricey but useful. Sharepoint alert web part works perfectly, enhancing our alert management system. It allows for creating a custom schedule for sending reminders, sending sharepoint alerts to external email addresses, and merging alert triggers in one message to avoid spamming your team. So we are always on a schedule!
February 5, 2022
I never miss an important event anymore! Virto sharepoint custom alerts tool is an excellent solution for sending reminders through multiple channels and includes brief notifications. Detailed message customization features are great! It allowed me to build a flexible notification system by defining the frequency of alerts, setting timetables, and even delivering reminders in SMS alerts or via instant messengers, like Jabber or Miranda! I hadn't thought I would need it, but now I can't imagine working in our company without these features! My recommendation.
March 24, 2021
That is a perfect tool with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. It’s the best sharepoint reminder web part I found. And I've tried many! In fact, it has even more functionality than I needed, for example, sending alerts in emails, sms, or Clickatell service, fast and easy. It definitely deserves 5 stars. I can highly recommend this product.
January 27, 2021
I have been using the Virto sharepoint alert web part for almost 2 years, and I am happy with it. It has a simple but agile UI that allows creating SharePoint alerts and custom email templates quickly and easily. And Custom Filtering System makes it the best sharepoint custom alerts tool!
March 27, 2020
It's excellent how flexible this sharepoint reminder web part is. Users can schedule alerts anytime they could possibly need and customize it to fit custom needs. This tool for sending reminders in sharepoint is a must-have for large and small organizations.