Virto ONE License

Can you predict what kind of solution someone in your company might need and when? Not really? That's not a problem anymore!
Virto ONE makes your SharePoint even more POWERFUL with just ONE license. Get access to the products that make your SharePoint environment user-friendly and let non-technical users solve various problems.
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What is Virto One License?

Get access to products that make your SharePoint environment user-friendly and let non-technical users solve problems in number of areas:

  • File management & sharing
  • Content management
  • Security
  • Workflows & Process management
  • Time management
  • Resources & Project management
  • Collaboration

All that and within just ONE solution – simple like that.

Virto ONE allows managers and employees of the company to solve their practical problems as quickly and independently as possible, without long approval processes and waiting for administrators to implement the solution. All tools are already available for use at the moment when they become necessary.

Above that, Virto ONE License saves your time and money! You get enjoyable experience for USD 4788 per year or for only USD 399 per month.

Virto ONE doesn’t only give you agility and saves employees’ time; it costs you several times less than buying such set of solutions separately.

Virto One License Includes 30+ Diversified Web Parts
Create & Clone AD User Account
SharePoint Create & Clone User Account Web Part allows SharePoint administrator to create and clone AD user accounts and SharePoint user accounts in a convenient interface. ...
AD User Profile Service
Active Directory User Profile Synchronization Service for SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 is intended for managing data of Active Directory database user profiles. ...
Password Reset and Recovery
SharePoint Password Reset Web Part allows to any user logged into the SharePoint portal to reset his Active Directory or FBA password, without contacting an administrator. ...
Password Expiration
SharePoint Password Expiration web part sends SharePoint users e-mail alerts about their password expiration, so they never forget to change it. ...
Password Change
SharePoint Password Change Web Part enables Active Directory (AD) users and users with general accounts (FBAP) to change passwords when logged onto a SharePoint Site. ...
Alerts and Reminders
An effective web part that enhances and streamlines SharePoint alert management system using a wide range of settings and triggers. ...
Why choose Virto One License?
700+ clients
More than 700 clients choose Virto ONE after long cooperation with us. We have many positive reviews from our clients and it’s very important for us.
A single purchase of a 1-year subscription valid for all 30+ SharePoint components, including free upgrades, migration, and future releases of VirtoSoftware.
Premium conditions
Enjoy the advantage of a direct access to our software development team that can build new web parts according to your requirements and specific business processes.
Good deal
As Virto ONE License purchaser you get all SharePoint Web Parts completed with top-priority support and product update in the cource of year at a fantastic price!
How does Virto ONE License work?
Step 1
Download and install
required Virto products
on your SharePoint sites
Step 2
Purchase Virto
ONE License
Step 3
Get a single serial
number to activate
all your Virto Products
Step 4
Your are done!
It was easy.