SharePoint Image Slider Web Part

SharePoint Image Slider is a jQuery-based web part for displaying images from a SharePoint document library, using different views and slider engines.

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SharePoint Image Slider web part is designed to display a picture slideshow from the SharePoint 2019, 2016, 2013, or 2010 document libraries. It is a part of Virto SharePoint Content Management Suite and Virto ONE License. Try also our Office 365 Image Slider.

Organize a slideshow with pictures from SharePoint document and picture libraries

Use Image Slider web part to show images from SharePoint sources. It is the easiest way to organize a presentation without special adjustment of exterior picture viewers.

Several sliding engines

Use any offered engines of SharePoint Image Web Part to make your presentation the most attractive and visually effective (Yahoo style, Carousel style, Hover effect and default engine).

Filter images intended to display

Show the selected pictures when you adjust the SharePoint Image Slide and hide pictures not expected to show.

Add navigation URL and text description for images

Your presentation would be lacking without this tool. You can add a list URL to the last picture and let the SharePoint image slider viewers navigate to it. Image descriptions can also be helpful.

SharePoint Image Slider Web Part allows users to view images conveniently and quickly from any SharePoint document library. To set up SharePoint Image Slider Web Part, you need to specify a document library that will serve as a data source for the image slideshow. You can adjust the image slideshow style, choose visual and transition effects, transition speed, slide displaying order (random or in order), add image descriptions and set width and height of the screen.

Latest releases
System requirements
SharePoint version: 2019
Operation system:
Organize SharePoint slideshows with pictures from SharePoint document and picture libraries For example, you can create a picture library with food pictures and use it as the presentation to discuss a future corporate party with co-workers.
Apply filters to displayed images Show only the pictures from a SharePoint list that have the predefined parameters.
Views for slide show You can use vertical or horizontal view or allow preview images.
Relate URLs and descriptions to slideshow pictures after click You can redirect users to item description after clicking on a picture.
Ability to define size of displayed images For example, you can disallow to display small images.
Several stretch modes for slide show pictures Define how the picture can be stretched while in a slideshow.
Wide range of animation effects Add visual effect to your SharePoint slideshow to make it more attractive.
Set time interval for images transition Manage the speed of the slideshow by definition of the transition interval.
Supported Sharepoint versions 2010, 2013, 2016
Web parts are the basic building blocks of a SharePoint Page. They help users change content and appearance of SharePoint pages directly. Web parts can be added to zones of a SharePoint page and can then be customized to create a unique page.

Web parts can be used to consolidate data from various sources into dynamic information and display in an organized and useful way.

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May 17, 2023
What makes this image slider app outstanding is its ability to schedule slideshows and insert links. Personally, I find this application very easy to use and can recommend to anyone.
May 8, 2023
It's quite a convenient tool for displaying images from a doc library. Nice that you can choose which images exclude from the slideshow.
May 25, 2022
Nice web part for displaying picture slideshow from the SharePoint sources, elementary to customize to fit your needs. It supports Yahoo style, Carousel style, Hover effect, and more to make your presentation most attractive with fewer efforts.
February 5, 2021
Great web part to display multiple images on a single page as a slide show. Perfect for my company events! I've tried it in the Virto One license and liked this small but useful tool.
September 22, 2020
This solution provides me with the easiest way to display images from SharePoint. In addition, there is the functionality to add image descriptions and a list URL to the last picture and let viewers navigate to it. This tool is small, but it does its functions well.