Virto Charts App for Microsoft Teams

Try Virto Charts App, a premier data visualization tool designed specifically for Microsoft Teams. Seamlessly transform SharePoint list data into vibrant visual reports, perfect for creating compelling presentations, strategic project planning, or gaining a deeper understanding of your data dynamics.

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Merge Reports with Ease onto a Single Dashboard
Seamlessly integrate multiple dashboards from various SharePoint lists onto a Teams channel tab.
Tailor Your Dashboards
Harness the power to customize dashboards to your needs by creating reports by status, team member, completion chart, lead time, and burndown chart.
Real-Time Data Visualization
Gain real-time insights that help in expediting your decision-making processes.




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Create Attractive Dashboards

Implant charts into your Teams channel tab for the automatic generation of visually engaging diagrams and graphs. A visually captivating method to convey complex data clearly and effectively.




Switch Between Charts

Choose from a plethora of charts and dashboards, toggling between them directly within Microsoft Teams to tailor your data presentation needs. 


Measure Your Team's Efficiency

Deploy the Status Chart to appraise your team’s performance. Identify improvement opportunities and visualize the distribution of tasks across different statuses. Employ the Status Chart to promote smarter workflows.


Check the Work Progress

Utilize the Members Chart for a comprehensive view of individual workloads and progress, fostering balanced work distribution


Estimate the Completion of Work

The Completion Chart allows you to visualize tasks completed on time, spot overdue tasks, and gauge task completion dynamics within specified time frames.

Track the Work Left

Keep abreast of your pending tasks with the Burndown Chart. Visualize outstanding work, plan effectively, and pinpoint potential bottlenecks.

Analyze Time Spent on Tasks

Optimize your workflow with the Lead Time Chart. Gain a better understanding of how much time each task requires compared to the overall time period and the preceding month.

In today’s data-driven world, visualization is the master key to comprehensive understanding.

Say goodbye to monotonous and time-consuming data collection processes.

Discover Virto Charts, the ultimate data visualization tool, turning intricate data sets from SharePoint lists into dynamic dashboards nestled within your Microsoft Teams environment.

Create intuitive charts and graphs that highlight patterns and trends at a glance, use the app to:

  • Keep an eye on fluctuating sales metrics
  • Gauge customer satisfaction rates
  • Oversee project milestones

Concentrate on the critical aspect: making data-driven decisions that propel your business toward success.

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Build visual reports from a SharePoint list SharePoint list is a data source for automatic diagrams.
Dashboard view for the set of reports All charts are combined into a single place. It is also possible to add multiple dashboards from different SharePoint lists to a single site page.
Choose the period of time Depending on a chosen period the data appears on a diagram.
Status report Ability to analyze tasks by their status on a pie chart and see which of them are completed or in progress.
Members chart Charts app allows you to see the productivity of team members on an automatic histogram.
Completion chart Use the completion chart to analyze the tasks already done by your team.
Burndown diagram An automatic burndown diagram will let you see the work left.
Save the chart as a picture or PDF You can download each of the reports as a PDF or as a picture. PNG, JPEG, SVG formats are supported.
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December 2, 2023
Virto Charts are a true time saver for large projects as they help provide an overview of deadlines, workloads, and progress. With their added level of convenience, namely integration with Teams, they are a must-have for modern project managers.