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Office 365 and Teams
Introducing the Virto Calendar App - the pinnacle of educational scheduling, tailored for schools, colleges, and universities. Simplify and streamline your academic planning with seamless integration, robust permissions, and diverse source compatibility. Trusted globally, Virto is not just another calendar; it's the future of educational timetabling. Start your 30-day free trial and experience the difference! ...
Boost your productivity with our Virto Schedule App, an innovative Microsoft Teams scheduling tool. This app intelligently analyzes your calendar, schedules necessary breaks, and sends custom reminders to optimize your workday. ...
Try Virto Charts App, a premier data visualization tool designed specifically for Microsoft Teams. Seamlessly transform SharePoint list data into vibrant visual reports, perfect for creating compelling presentations, strategic project planning, or gaining a deeper understanding of your data dynamics. ...
Virto Notifications & Reminders App for Microsoft Teams is a revolutionary Microsoft 365 alerts tool designed to supercharge productivity. This reminder app that sends notifications directly to your Microsoft Teams channel ensures you're up-to-date with changes in your Microsoft 365 or SharePoint’s lists, documents, calendars, kanban boards, and planners. ...
Virto Calendar Overlay for Microsoft Teams is your one-stop tool for integrating unlimited events and calendars in a single Microsoft Teams tab. ...
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Web parts
Show all your events from multiple data sources including Exchange Calendar (Outlook), Google Calendar, SalesForce Calendar, Sharepoint List, SQL Tables or XML and have different views for your easy navigation and reference in single space. Compatible with SharePoint 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010. ...
SharePoint Kanban Board web part is an easy and convenient tool for smart task management. It represents SharePoint lists as color-coded and well-structured Kanban boards. ...
Manage your SharePoint tasks with a feature-rich and highly customizable SharePoint project management solution, designed for displaying and managing SharePoint tasks in Gantt view. ...
Quickly upload multiple files or documents to a SharePoint document library with the SharePoint Bulk File Upload web part. ...
A no-code set of 270+ SharePoint activities for creating custom SharePoint Workflows using SharePoint Workflow Designer. ...
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Use Cases
Boost the productivity of your marketing department with help of two Virto apps.
Accelerate your sales cycle by using a set of powerful and modern tools.
Automate operations to eliminate manual errors, track, manage and speed up processes.
Streamline your hiring process, reduces time spent on administrative work and improve HR KPIs.
Simplicity, efficiency and accuracy for companies that want true visibility into their finances.
Operate and support an organization’s IT infrastructure efficiently and securely.
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VirtoSoftware is a professional team that designs and builds innovative SharePoint web parts and Office 365 apps, provides consulting on SharePoint and Office 365, performs custom development and training services for these platforms. VirtoSoftware’s current comprehensive product portfolio includes calendaring, alerting, collaboration, workflow, and administration of web parts and apps for SharePoint and Office 365 users.