SharePoint Related Items Field Type Web Part

Virto SharePoint Related Items Field Type feature allows to reference existing lookup data in a SharePoint list and access child lists' items to edit, create, and delete in a parent list.

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Virto SharePoint Related Items Field Type feature allows to display, collect, and manage data from several SharePoint lists in a single list. A parent list provides the access to child lists’ items via lookup columns, and the Virto SharePoint Related Items Field Type feature allows to edit, create, and delete related items right from the parent list. Using this feature, you can easily implement such use cases as expense report, procurement form, timesheet hours report, and other use cases when you need to create several rows for a single list item with different data in each row.
This solution is a part of Virto SharePoint Content Management Suite and Virto ONE License.

Display several lists' items in one list!

Virto SharePoint Related Items Field Type feature aggregates several lists across your site collection in one list, using lookup columns, and allows you can create, edit, and delete child lists’ items right from the parent list.

For example, a project manager can display and edit all items related to a project in a single view. You can use this feature to create a сomparative table, track resources availability, or adjust it for any other use case, that requires to collect and edit several list item in a single view.

Edit distinct lists' items in a single view

Now, you don’t have to navigate to each list to make changes. Do it from the one list!

Edit and create new items in several lists, using default SharePoint forms! There is no need to switch to other lists to manage items or refresh parent list to see the changes. Save your time and manage all related list item from one SharePoint page!

Adjust the feature in less than 1 minute!

The Virto Related Items Field Type feature is extremely easy to use! No complex adjustments or coding!

You have to define an existing lookup column, select content type and add a few optional customizations to the related items form interface. That’s it! You are ready to work with other list’s items and manage them from parent list!

Virto SharePoint Related Items Field Type feature allows to display, collect, and manage SharePoint list related items from several SharePoint lists within the same site collection in one parent list.

Latest releases
System requirements
SharePoint version: 2019
Operation system:
Add and manage related list's items in lookup You can create and edit related items of other lists from current site collection in one parent list
Add related list columns in a few minutes! Virto SharePoint Related Items Field Type feature do not require any special coding skills or complex customization. Install the component and use it as a column type for any list containing lookup.
View selector The component allow to filter related list items, using list views.
Select the items count per page If a list column contains too much items, you can split them to pages and show a predefined number of items in parent list.
Allow add new items to lists You can enable or disable the ability to add new items to child list from parent list
Customize the "Add new item" text You can assign any text for "Add new item" button
Virtosoftware’s SharePoint Related Items Field for SharePoint 2013 and 2016 allows you to create repeated rows (related items) in the item and display it in a convenient view.

With this ability, you can aggregate and edit lists’ items from one list in one item and list view to another. This feature allows you simple to create expense reports, procurement forms, timesheet hours reports, and implement many other other use cases, where it is requires to create dependency ONE TO MANY.

For example, you can create an expenses report with repeating rows of expenses....
The method described below can be used to start a workflow for SharePoint 2007 or SharePoint 2010 at a specific time and then repeat periodically (every day).
You can start workflow for multiple items at the same time.

Also it is not required to use Microsoft Visual Studio.
Periodic Workflow Processing (send daily email notification or reminder)

A useful implementation of this technique allows you to configure workflows to run as background tasks at a specific time instead of being triggered by a user manually, or after creating or modifying a list item. This allows you to process SharePoint data when the SharePoint environment is not being used as long as tasks need to complete.
For example, this method can be used to configure a looping timer workflow that supposed to run every day (18:00) to perform calculations and processing on a list item before emailing a reminder, or details to a user associated with the list item or document....
Virto SharePoint Forms Designer was updated to v.1.3.14. We added ability to place field name above a field value, custom format option for DateTime field, ability to reset all forms, themes for Tabs and Accordions, and CheckIn button in form for checked out items.

The newest update for SharePoint Forms Designer web part for SharePoint 2013/2016 has a bunch of features!...
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May 8, 2023
I adore this web part as a project manager, it allows me to aggregate and edit all of the items I have for this project in one place! It's easier to track resources and saves time on searching for them.
May 1, 2023
With this app part it's very convenient to edit info from multiple lists at once. It makes it very easy to deal with enormous amount of data and many lists. Life saver for those who work with large volumes of data.
July 13, 2022
Intuitive and easy-to-use tool. And I definitely like the feature to add and manage related list items in lookup – very useful. It also allows customizing the "Add new item" text! I hadn't ever thought I would need a tool like this, but now I can't imagine my working process without it!
November 10, 2021
It absolutely deserves five stars. I can highly recommend this tool. I've been using this software for a month and haven't found anything to dislike. And there is the "Related Items Field Type" feature for adjusting in less than 1 minute! It makes this solution the best choice for our company!
August 7, 2020
It's a very useful product for displaying, collecting, and managing data from several SharePoint lists in a single list. It saves me a lot of time and allows me to reproduce my old InfoPath Expense Report form within 10 minutes. I especially like features to edit and create new items using default SharePoint forms and manage all related items from different lists in one SharePoint page! My rate is 5/5.