SharePoint Password Expiration Web Part

SharePoint Password Expiration web part sends SharePoint users e-mail alerts about their password expiration, so they never forget to change it.

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Virto Sharepoint password expiration alerts adjustment

Virto Password Expiration enables Sharepoint users to receive e-mail alerts about password expiration. The component can be used as a solution where you only define the schedule of sending notifications and easily construct the message template with special tools.

Pop-up alerts in Sharepoint 2013

For SharePoint 2013 version it is possible to adjust client-side notification and make users be able to see the pop-up about password expiration on every page of the SharePoint site.

Use Virto Sharepoint Password Expiration with Password Change

You can also redirect users to the site where they can change their password. For instance, to the SharePoint site where Virto Password Change is installed and deployed.

​When SharePoint users are logged in throughout Active Directory they need to be informed about expiration of their password in order to change it on time and continue working.

Password Expiration Web Part for SharePoint 2013 and 2016 has the ability to adjust client-side notification and make users be able to see the pop-up about password expiration on every page of the SharePoint site.

It is also allowed to add SharePoint Password Expiration as a web part to a SharePoint site page and then the adjusted notification will be shown right on the site page for users logged in. Moreover, you can redirect users to the site where they can change their password. For instance, to the SharePoint site where SharePoint Change Password is installed and deployed.

Latest releases
System requirements
SharePoint version: 2019
Operation system:
Email notifications on password expiration User receives e-mail that his password expires soon.
Schedule notifications You can set number of days and time for sending alerts about password expiration.
Adding the list of AD users for sending them notifications In addition to regular users, you can also add administrator on the list and he will be notified about any user’s password expiration.
Alert template message customisation You can add any text that will be send as e-mail notification about password expiration.
Supported SharePoint versions 2010, 2013, 2016
SPFx web part Can be used on the modern Sharepoint 2019 site.
The Microsoft SharePoint platform is a unique software-based solution, initially designed to provide employees with thorough and efficient cooperation.

Microsoft SharePoint can, among other things, be utilized as an incredibly accessible tool for the creation of websites consisting of publications based on templates and dedicated, styled web parts, which expand its basic capabilities....
The Microsoft SharePoint platform allows users to create intranet websites with the use of multiple templates and web parts, which incredibly expand the SharePoint basic functionality.

A Web Part is a segmental component that shapes the basic building block of a page on SharePoint sites. Web parts can help customize intranet content, layout and a set of adjustable scripts in certain pages via the web interface.
They can be used to create or modify a SharePoint page to exhibit contents or business information from various obtains on the same page. End users can add it to various points in a web page after enhancement by the administrator....
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May 17, 2023
Password expiration web part automates password updates effortlessly. It is user-friendly and efficient, brings convenience to both users and admins ????
May 1, 2023
Automates password update process, everything works well... users understand what they need to do.
January 28, 2022
SharePoint Password Expiration is an easy-to-use and reliable solution if you need to manage SharePoint user passwords without stress. I like that it allows redirecting users to the site where they can change their password. It saves lots of time. My rate is 5/5.
May 29, 2021
I can highly recommend this product. It's quick to understand and use. It lets me send SharePoint users password expiration e-mail alerts and provides us with excellent support as well. These features are critical for my work.
April 6, 2021
For me, it's a very useful web part, and it's what I wanted to find! These pop-ups about SharePoint password expiration come in handy – you have no chance of forgetting about it!