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Kanban Board App for Office 365 and Teams

Agile Task Management for SharePoint Online that allows users to work with existing SharePoint lists and libraries in a kanban view.

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Agile Task Management
Enjoy the pertinent project management features: task allocations, assignee notifications, project analytics, and commenting on tasks.
Task List Aggregation
Manage tasks from different SharePoint lists, merged by the same content type, on a single SharePoint Kanban board.
Kanban Board View Customization
Designate task card colors, apply multiple filters, hide or collapse swimlanes, and arrange tasks by certain criteria.

Virto SharePoint Kanban Board for Office 365 is a convenient scrum board to visualize and manage tasks in SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. The component displays any SharePoint task list as a Kanban/Scrum Board, where Kanban cards are divided into columns usually depending on the status, and show the tasks to be done. A visual view of the business process is intended for optimization of task management: less time is spent on organization and task assignment. The app is also available for SharePoint modern sites.

SharePoint Online Project Management

The Virto Kanban Board App visualizes SharePoint tasks on colorful and convenient scrum boards. Each SharePoint list item is displayed as a highly customizable kanban card. Horizontal and vertical lanes represent the steps of a project.

The Kanban Board app for SharePoint Online allows you to quickly create and adjust new boards in minutes with a few simple steps.

Work with existing SharePoint lists and libraries in a kanban view

You can manage tasks from any SharePoint and task lists on a single Kanban board. It’s also possible to display a SharePoint library, where documents are presented as kanban cards.


Use horizontal swimlanes to group tasks

Any choice type field can be used for a set of swimlanes for a Kanban board. You can quickly move tasks between swimlanes or change a swimlane field right on the board.

Feature-rich notifications system for a perfect teamwork

It’s so convenient to have one space for your teamwork with the flexible notifications system of Virto Kanban! These email notifications allow your team to track almost any changes on board. For example, when a task was moved to the next stage or the due date was changed.

The people involved in a task can discuss in kanban comments and also get notifications about newly added responses.

Create subtasks

If you enable subtasks for your board, you can easily split complex tasks into steps.

Any information on a color-coded card

You can color-code kanban cards according to custom conditions (such as users, project, urgency, and any other conditions). It’s possible to specify body color, color marker, and even add labels (tags) on cards.

This agile kanban board solution allows users to select fields to be displayed on cards, attach or display images, add files attachments, even the card title may be displayed with different options: you can show from 1 to 3 fields as card name. And you can edit all these fields right on a card!

Powerful & agile tools for SharePoint project management

You can apply scrum features such as WIP-limits, set limits for maximum tasks displayed in a column, use points (story points) which are an agile metric used to estimate the difficulty level of a task. You can also aggregate data for a column with the Count option (Sum or Average). The count feature can be used if a list has a “Hours” field (a number field) and you need to count the time required to close all tasks.

Flexible management

With Kanban Board App for Office 365, you can configure permissions, related to SharePoint task management. A SharePoint administrator can assign permissions to edit all the project tasks to certain users or user groups. When giving Read-only permissions to SharePoint users, you allow them to manage only the tasks they are assigned to.

With the Task Watchers feature, you may create a user list, which is going to receive email notifications about any changes to the task, even if they are not the assigners.

Visualize board reports with charts

You can also display a kanban board in a statistic chart view. Use designed charts to analyze the work of your team — status and members charts, completion chart, and burndown.

Kanban in Teams

If you have a customized Virto Kanban board in your SharePoint, you can add Kanban in Teams as a separate tab. This way, you don’t need to switch between your SharePoint site and a Teams to manage tasks in Kanban.

The Kanban boards in Teams inherit user permissions from SharePoint and are invisible for external users in Teams.

Manage your tasks and projects using Kanban Board view

SharePoint Kanban Board App for Office 365 is a convenient and agile tool for task management, which visualizes and filters tasks in SharePoint Online. Display any SharePoint or task list or library in Kanban Board view and drag & drop Kanban cards (tasks) between custom columns and swimlanes. Additional filters and statistic charts of the Office 365 Kanban Board help you analyze and correct the work process and optimize resources. Try also SharePoint Kanban on-premise. The Office 365 Kanban Board is a part of Virto ONE Cloud.


SharePoint Online Task Management The Virto Kanban Board App can visualize a SharePoint task list in a colorful and convenient interface. To manage the Kanban board, one should just drag and drop, and sort out task items across the columns and the swimlanes within a certain project.
SharePoint Task List Aggregation The Virto Kanban board boasts of the aggregation feature, which allows users to merge different SharePoint task lists into a single Kanban board. The SharePoint lists should belong to the same content type.
Create Agile Boards in SharePoint With the Virto Kanban Board, you can have a big transparent picture of your project. Select choice type fields as columns and swimlanes to visualize different classes of work as vertical/horizontal lanes on the SharePoint Kanban board.
The Kanban board's columns and swimlines contain work items sorted out by certain field values, like status, assignees, priority, etc. You can easily move tasks between columns and swimlines with the simple the drag-and-drop feature.
Task Watchers and Notifications The Virto Kanban app has the feature of sending highly customizable email notifications according to predefined conditions to certain users or users list. Also, the app can send notifications to a task assignee.
Using subtasks If you enable subtasks options, you can add subtasks to your board to split large tasks into steps.
Configuring Task Card Colors Designate a specific background color for a Kanban task card, according to preset custom criteria. You can add a color marker to highlight the work items, which meet a certain custom condition. Say, stick a red marker to overdue tasks.
SharePoint Task Permissions The Virto Kanban app lets SharePoint administrators assign Edit or Read-only permission to a certain user list. The SharePoint Kanban Board users have the same permissions as set on the corresponding list.
Kanban Board Filters You may customize a SharePoint Kanban board view, filtering tasks by assignee, a certain field value, some custom condition, or applying a configured filter.
SharePoint libraries support You can use a SharePoint library as a Kanban source, where library documents are cards on board.
Total SharePoint Task Count The Virto Kanban app can aggregate data within a board column to count Sum, Average value, and Tasks quantity. For example, with the Count option, you may calculate how many hours have been spent on all tasks within the same project stage.
Configuring WIP limits You can set WIP limits for each work stage within each Kanban board column. To adjust the board columns, special SharePoint access rights are required.
Labels It's possible to add color-coded labels (tags) on Kanban cards to visualize the data categories on the board.
Comments Users can add comments to tasks and watch discussions added by other users. Rich text formating and adding images are supported.
MS Teams support You can use your Kanban boards in MS Teams. Just add the app to your Teams and choose a Kanban board to show as a separate tab in the Teams channel.
Reports you can easily filter and adjust Each user can customize a board view with different filters. Filter SharePoint tasks by assignee, a certain field value, or with custom-configured conditions. Also, you can create reports applying multiple filters.
Using app for SharePoint modern sites You can use the Kanban Board Modern web part for SharePoint Online
Flexible Charts Use charts to analyze your board tasks - status, members, burndown, and completion chart are always available for making visual reports with a few clicks.
Free use of full-featured app for up to 3 seats Upon 30-day trial period completion, if you have not made a purchase yet, you can continue using Virto Kanban for free with full functionality for up to 3 users.
Adding fields to custom list You can add fields for date comments and labels to your custom SharePoint list which you're going to use as a source list for your Kanban board.
VirtoSoftware introduces the updated Virto Kanban Board App with new useful options. Take a look at what we have changed and how you can apply it....
VirtoSoftware has just released the update of the Kanban Board online app. Read in our article what we have changed and how to apply the new features....
Virto SharePoint Kanban Board Online App now supports rich text format in comments of any Kanban board card and adding images to them....
Virto SharePoint Kanban Board with improved usability is already available for you! What’s new in the online app for Office 365, please read in the post below....
We have updated the Virto SharePoint Kanban app and improved the block of charts and reports. How to use modified charts for your work in Virto Kanban Board — please find in our post....
We have updated the Virto Kanban Board for SharePoint online. Now you can export your boards to PDF files....
VirtoSoftware introduces the new update. Now Virto Kanban Board online supports the modern SharePoint interface....
VirtoSoftware has updated the Virto SharePoint Kanban Board online. Now you can use the default SharePoint form to view and edit cards of your Virto Kanban boards....
We have improved the permissions management model for Virto SharePoint Kanban Online. To help you apply the changes faster, we have also prepared the answers for the most frequently asked questions....
The large update of the Virto Kanban Board Online app is ready to use. The most valuable part of the change is the new permissions management model for Virto Kanban Board. We have certainly considered your feedback and included your everyday use cases into the general idea of the Kanban new permissions management....
The full version of the Installation and User Guide for Virto Kanban Board Online App for O365...
Enjoy Virto Office 365 Kanban app now in Microsoft Teams....
Virto Kanban Board for Office 365 comes with performance optimization, labels feature, charts upgrade, tasks cloning, swimlanes sorting, task and board history, custom choice values fill-in, and image preview on task body....
We’ve added an ability to change data storage location (default is West US) on Virto Kanban Board....
Virto Kanban Board Office 365 was updated with boards Recycle Bin, user mentioning in comments, and comments’ content in e-mail notifications....
Virto Office 365 Kanban Board comes with scroll for columns, search and filters for all boards, notifications by role, and new date picker options.

Scroll for columns
We made the work with Office 365 Kanban columns more convenient. If a column contains many tasks, it’s length is reduced and scroll appears by cursor hovering. You can scroll the tasks in each column up and down. To scroll the whole board you can use scroll bar on the right or mouse wheel with hovering between columns....
Virto Office 365 Kanban Board App was updated with new features. You can display 3 fields in card title, apply improved Work-In-Progress limits. And we’ve added more features and conditions to task notifications and style rules!
More powerful conditions for card styles
We improved condition system for card styles and made it more flexible.
The notifications systems was slightly modified and improved. We’ve also added the same enhanced condition system as for style rules, and the new trigger “is modified” was added to conditions....
Virto Kanban for SharePoint Online was upgraded and has a new design, multiple lists overlay ability, and updated notification email.

UI redesign

SharePoint Kanban web part has new settings interface and more customization abilities to display tasks with required view, details, color-coding, filters on a single board....
The Virto Kanban Board for SharePoint Online comes with a new list filter functionality. The option is handy when you manage multiple SharePoint lists on the Kanban board. You can create a condition filter and color-code tasks for a certain SharePoint list.

The view filter options available on the Kanban board were extended with list filters.

Several distinct filters selected from the menu panel on board use “OR condition”. This means, all tasks matching all the selected filters are displayed on the board....
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April 8, 2019
Great product for managing projects, highly adjustable and personalizable. Easy to track time spent on different projects and produce reports for client billing.
February 12, 2019
Good functionality for a good price. Support is very quick if you need it.
January 23, 2019
Exceeded my expectations! I am new to kanban boards and the great directions and walk through made setting the board up super easy.
August 22, 2018
It works very well as a method for monitoring the status of agile workload. Very simple config across one set of swim lanes and one workflow.
April 8, 2018
This Kanban has tons of wanted features! Flexible and intuitive, an all-round great product. Lots of options are available to adjust the board exactly as I needed for our project.