Office 365 Apps for SharePoint Online

  • Virto ONE Cloud for Office 365
    Virto ONE Cloud allows you to get most useful Virto products for Office 365 with a great discount. Under Virto ONE Cloud you get the following list of the products: Calendar app, Kanban Board App, Workflows for Office 365, Workflow Scheduler App, Forms Designer App, CheckOut Manager...
  • Portfolio Project Manager App
    Virto Office 365 Portfolio Project Manager App is created for an effective SharePoint resource management. PPM is a highly customizable project management & planning solution that helps create projects, set roles and resources for each of them, display the whole structure of existing...
  • Resource Manager App
    Virto Office 365 Resource Manager App is created for an effective SharePoint resource management. You can add and edit SharePoint project tasks, check the workload of your employees and utilization of material resources in a chart view! Virto Office 365 Resource Manager is a part of...
    from SC/Year
  • Office 365 Bulk File Uploader
    Office 365 Bulk File Upload App is a SharePoint bulk upload tool with a convenient user interface, allowing to perform bulk uploads to Office 365 libraries and list items. With SharePoint Bulk Files Uploader, user can set the maximum file size and extensions available for upload. You...
    per SC/Year
  • Office 365 Workflow Scheduler
    Virto Office 365 Workflow Scheduler App allows you to add custom schedules for your Office 365 workflows. The default abilities of Office 365 doesn't allow users to create timer jobs. Virto Office 365 Workflow Scheduler is a simple solution to run your workflows whenever you want to....
    per year
  • Office 365 Workflows
    Office 365 Workflow Activities Extensions Kit can be used for creating custom Office 365 workflows and includes extended custom workflow activities for sending e-mails, list processing, permissions processing, dealing with documents, attachments and many other activities. Imagine for...
    from per year
  • Calendar App
    Office 365 Calendar App is a powerful enterprise-class scheduling add-in for SharePoint Online that overlays all your events from cross-site collection calendars and from any SharePoint or Exchange Online (Outlook) calendars, including Exchange Online shared calendars and Exchange...
  • Forms Designer App
    Forms Designer for Office 365 is an intuitive solution for SharePoint Online, that allows user to create highly customized interfaces to SharePoint list items. You can quickly build complex SharePoint forms for distinct SharePoint list item views by moving ready-to-use controls with...
    per tenant/year
  • Kanban Board App
    SharePoint Kanban Board App for Office 365 is a convenient tool for task management, which visualizes and filters tasks in SharePoint Online. Display any SharePoint custom task list in Kanban Board view and drag & drop Kanban cards (tasks) between custom columns and swimlanes....
  • Alerts App
    SharePoint Alerts App for Office 365 sends alerts and notifications from SharePoint Online via email and builds a flexible notification system on your SharePoint site. Office 365 Alerts App has a wide range of settings for scheduling, setting event criteria, and email template building...
  • Backup and Recovery
    Backup and Recovery component by Virtosoftware is intended to backup and restore your valuable SharePoint content from site-collection or separate site. Now you can easily repair and restore your SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2013 data with a single intelligent solution in case...
    per year
  • Gantt Chart App
    Office 365 Gantt Chart App is a practical project management solution designed for displaying and managing SharePoint tasks in Gantt view. Virto Gantt Chart App is a highly customizable project planning tool – a popular bar chart that illustrates a project schedule. Try also SharePoint...
  • Calendar Event Viewer App
    Event Calendar Viewer App allows you to display events of various custom types, defined up to your business needs, in SharePoint Online. The modern design, high usability, and easy to adjust interface are just a few highlights of SharePoint Event Calendar Viewer abilities. For...
  • Image Slider App
    SharePoint Online Image Slider App is a simple and effective free app, which displays a picture slideshow from an Office 365 document library. You can easily customize SharePoint Image Slider App for your purposes. You can organize a slideshow or display a picture catalogue on a...
  • Checkout Manager App
    The common problem of SharePoint file sharing is documents left checked out. When multiple employees must work on the same documents, they often forget to check in them and block coworkers from editing this content. With Virto Checkout Manager for SharePoint Online, you will have no...