Virto Calendar App for Education: The Ultimate Software Scheduling Tool

Introducing the Virto Calendar App - the pinnacle of educational scheduling, tailored for schools, colleges, and universities. Simplify and streamline your academic planning with seamless integration, robust permissions, and diverse source compatibility. Trusted globally, Virto is not just another calendar; it's the future of educational timetabling. Start your 30-day free trial and experience the difference!

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IT Department Headache Free Approach
Transparent permissions management, no data stored by app, no compliance needed, easy user management, easy and fast deployment.
Diverse Source Integration
Better to use – Outlook, Shared Groups, SharePoint Lists, Planner, and External Calendars like Gmail. Virto Calendar seamlessly works with multiple data sources, ensuring all your events are in one place.
One License, Multiple Versions
With a single license, institutions gain access to display overlaid calendars on large monitors inside schools and campuses, Microsoft Teams channel, and SharePoint sites.
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Seamless Integration

Virto Calendar flawlessly combines data from diverse sources like Outlook, Shared Groups, SharePoint Lists, Planner, and external calendars like Gmail. No more juggling between multiple calendar apps for college students; with Virto, everything is in one place.


Custom Permissions

Prioritize data security and relevance with granular permissions. Designate access rights, be it for class permissions, teacher groups, or parent groups, ensuring only the right eyes see the right information.

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Diverse Source Compatibility

Synchronize effortlessly with a plethora of data sources. Experience the convenience of a streamlined online calendar for college students that is truly all-encompassing.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigate with ease and efficiency, thanks to Virto’s intuitive design. Even the most intricate academic schedules become a breeze to manage, making it the ideal school scheduling software.

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Timetabling Excellence

Beyond just being an online school calendar, Virto excels in managing assignments, classes, and events. From a macro overview of an academic year to the minute details of a single lecture, Virto’s got it covered.

Streamlined Communication

Boost collaboration and understanding among students, faculty, and staff. With Virto, the lines of communication are always open and effective.


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Tailored for Educational Leaders

Step into the realm of the Virto Calendar – where innovation meets tradition in the world of educational scheduling. As the choice of countless academic institutions worldwide, from the ivy-adorned walls of renowned colleges to the energetic heartbeats of contemporary universities, Virto Calendar App stands tall. Its 14-year legacy is not just numbers but a testimony to:

  • Unwavering Commitment: A dedication to refining and perfecting features for the ever-evolving academic landscape.
  • Global Trust: Institutions across continents have made Virto their scheduling partner of choice, a trust earned over years of consistent performance.
  • Integration Excellence: Seamlessly bring together multiple scheduling tools and platforms, turning chaos into coherence.
  • Customized Flexibility: Recognizing that every institution has its unique rhythm, Virto offers an adaptable calendar experience tailored for each one.
  • Unmatched Usability: A user-friendly interface coupled with robust features makes Virto the ultimate blend of simplicity and power.

Venture into the world of Virto with a 30-day free trial and witness why it’s hailed as the premier calendar for educational spheres, from grade schools to grand universities.

Diverse Source Integration Integrates with Outlook, Shared Groups, SharePoint Lists, Planner, Gmail, and more.
Quick Setup Jumpstart your scheduling experience with its intuitive setup process.
Flexible Permissions Advanced settings for data privacy and relevance, including class, teacher, and parent group permissions.
Multiple Views Combine calendars and sources in single or multiple views. Incorporate external calendars for added utility.
IT-Optimized Design Transparent permissions management, zero data storage by the app, easy compliance, and hassle-free deployment.
Color-Coded Events Visualize events with distinct color codes for better clarity.
Multi-Version Accessibility A single license grants access to multiple versions, including Display View for larger screens, Teams App for Microsoft Teams integration, and SharePoint App for a cohesive SharePoint experience.
Free Use of the Complete App for up to Five Users Once you’ve completed your 30-day trial period, if you have not made a purchase yet, you can continue using your Virto Calendar for free with full functionality for up to five users.
Supports Location Field Virto Calendar Overlay Pro supports adding locations to calendar entries from the list in the calendar settings. This saves the location field for Outlook entries as well.
Busy Status Filter Filter events by free or busy status.
Supports Recurring Events Use the recurrence option for events if they belong to a SharePoint Calendar or Outlook data source.
Supports the use of iCal Feeds Add iCalendar links to show external calendars in your Virto Calendar.
Enables Creation of Microsoft Teams Meetings Create a Teams meeting from a Virto Calendar event (for Outlook Calendar data source).
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