Virto Notifications & Reminders App for Microsoft Teams

Virto Notifications & Reminders App for Microsoft Teams is a revolutionary Microsoft 365 alerts tool designed to supercharge productivity. This reminder app that sends notifications directly to your Microsoft Teams channel ensures you're up-to-date with changes in your Microsoft 365 or SharePoint’s lists, documents, calendars, kanban boards, and planners.

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Seamless Integrations
Virto Alerts and Reminders App perfectly integrates with Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365, and SharePoint Site, providing a unified platform for all notifications.
Real-Time Updates
Receive instant alerts and reminders in your Microsoft Teams channel whenever changes are made in Microsoft 365 or SharePoint sites.
Improved Productivity
Stay on top of tasks, changes, and deadlines. Properly prioritized Microsoft 365 alerts help to boost productivity and efficiency.
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Instant Alerts & Notifications

Receive real-time Microsoft Teams alerts directly in your channel whenever there are any modifications in lists, calendars, and planners in Microsoft 365 or SharePoint site. Whether it’s a simple task update or a significant document revision, you will receive an instant alert, keeping you on top of things without needing to constantly check for changes manually.

Customizable Reminders & Personalized Notifications

The Virto Notifications & Reminders App is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It enables you to create personalized reminders and send alerts to Microsoft Teams for various updates or changes. Be it an important project deadline on the horizon or an assigned task closing in on completion, you can customize your reminders based on what’s most important to you.

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Microsoft Teams Webhook Alert Connector

Thanks to this feature, the app ensures synchronization of changes across Microsoft platforms, guaranteeing you don’t miss any crucial updates and get notified directly in Microsoft Teams Channel.

Integration with Microsoft 365 and SharePoint

The Virto Notifications & Reminders App works harmoniously within the Microsoft ecosystem. This makes it an essential tool for anyone heavily reliant on Microsoft’s suite of services. The integration enhances the functionality of Microsoft’s basic toolset, aiding in streamlining your workflow.

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User-Friendly Interface

With the Virto Notifications & Reminders App for Microsoft Teams, you won’t be bogged down by a complex set-up process or confusing controls. It’s designed with user experience in mind, making the process of managing your notifications seamless and straightforward.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

Access your alerts and reminders on the go! Whether you are working from your desktop at the office, checking updates on your tablet during a meeting, or responding to tasks on your mobile while commuting, you can conveniently be notified via any device.

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The Virto Notifications & Reminders App for Microsoft Teams is your ultimate partner for staying on top of projects and tasks within Microsoft Teams. As a top-tier notification system, it provides instant alerts about any updates in Microsoft 365 or SharePoint sites.

  • Automated Microsoft Teams alerts: Keep your users informed about site or document changes with the Microsoft Teams reminder app. Specific actions performed on a SharePoint list or document will trigger the sending of alerts to the chosen channel in Microsoft Teams.
  • User-friendly interface: The app is crafted with simplicity in mind. Regardless of the complexity of your projects or the number of tasks you have, setting up and adjusting your reminders is effortless, allowing you to focus on what really matters.
  • Rich customization: Whether you want to customize the alert content, timing, or frequency, our automated alert notifications system has you covered. It offers a variety of options, letting you tailor an alert system to suit your preferences.

Embrace seamless productivity: Try the Virto Notifications & Reminders App for Microsoft Teams today and take your workflow to the next level.

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Manage Alerts in Microsoft 365 Set up and manage your Microsoft Teams alerts system with ease. Create, remove, enable, and disable alerts, and edit alert templates using a convenient UI. Set up date-based Microsoft Teams reminders with a variety of scheduling options.
Custom Templates for Alerts Craft custom alert templates to suit your needs. Configure the notification's subject, body, header, and footer; embed field values, tables, and links directly into the Microsoft Teams alert body. Furthermore, you can consolidate multiple alerts into a single summary report, which can be scheduled daily or weekly.
Microsoft Teams Date-Based Reminders Establish Microsoft Teams date-based reminders to be dispatched to a channel according to a specific schedule, immediately or within a designated period. Examples include Microsoft Teams calendar event reminders and Microsoft Teams workflow task reminders, among others.
Export and Import Alerts for Backup & Migration For easier alert management, you can export and import previously created alerts. This feature is useful for backing up your alerts or migrating them between SharePoint lists or sites.
Complex Urls Incorporate complex URLs in your message view and add clickable elements, such as images, to your message body.
With Virto Alerts App for SharePoint Online, you can add variable images and links to them to corporate notifications. Here is the use case....
Office 365 Alerts App by VirtoSoftware now provides an incredible ability to add variable images and URLs to notifications. Today we’re telling how you can involve this new option in your business....
Virto Office 365 Alerts Online App now allows you to set the high importance marker for your alerts and reminders....
Here is our updated Office 365 Email Alerts app. What’s new in the online app?...
Virto SharePoint Alerts allows you to automate your business processes as you wish. But it also integrates perfectly with Microsoft Teams!...
We added functionality to import and export an alert from Office 365 Alerts app to another site collection....
Office 365 Alerts and Reminders App was updated with Alert Owner Groups, ability to copy alerts, and more features for message view.

Virto Office 365 Alerts app was updated with many useful features. We’ve added support for SharePoint Rich Text+Image and Image Fields. Also added support for conditions with Approval Status fields....
Office 365 Alerts app was updated with daily, weekly, and monthly reminders, search features, and ability to change “Change Type” of existing alerts.

New reminders schedule

We have enhanced the schedule system in Office 365 Alerts app. You can send daily, weekly, and monthly reminders, e-mails will be sent as long as conditions met....
Office 365 Alerts add-in by VirtoSoftware was renamed to Office 365 Alerts and Reminders add-in. As you might expect, we added the new functionality to our alerting solution and now you can send alerts and notifications about upcoming events as well.

You can use email reminders for meetings, appointments, project deadlines, events, and any other dates that you want to keep track of.

Whenever you schedule a reminder, each user assigned to this reminder will receive email with notification, which can include the details that need his attention....
Office 365 Alerts add-in by Virto has new feature for receiving an alert email about any changes in a specific field.
Office 365 Alerts allows SharePoint Online users to always be on schedule, effectively work on their tasks and ensure any important events are not missed anymore.
Now you can adjust SharePoint Online alerts for the following cases:

Anything changes;
Anything changes in a certain list field;
Someone else changes an item;
Someone else changes an item created by me;
Someone else changes an item last modified by me;
Someone changes an item that appears in the following view;
Use custom condition.

Virto SharePoint Alerts Add-in for Office 365 sends alerts and notifications from SharePoint Online via email and builds a flexible notification system on your SharePoint site....
With a newest update of Virto Office 365 alerts add-in, you can merge several alerts in one report with a single table.

This case can be useful, if you need to create daily or weekly report and instead of receiving several letters, you can merge all list`s changes in one table.

Create an alert in Office 365 alerts add-in with daily or weekly summary condition.
Then create a table in email body. The alert body must contain the table only. The table must be the first element in your email body without spaces....
Virto Office 365 Kanban Board App was updated with new features. You can display 3 fields in card title, apply improved Work-In-Progress limits. And we’ve added more features and conditions to task notifications and style rules!

More powerful conditions for card styles

We improved condition system for card styles and made it more flexible.
We also added default style rules suggestions which you can enhance or disactivate.
New notifications

The notifications systems was slightly modified and improved. We’ve also added the same enhanced condition system as for style rules, and the new trigger “is modified” was added to conditions....

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December 2, 2023
The Virto notifications app for Teams works perfectly if you need customizable reminders in your channel. We use it with Virto Calendar and Kanban - they pair perfectly!