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No-Code Custom 80+ Workflows in SharePoint Online (Office 365)

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SharePoint Online Workflow Automation
Manage SharePoint system and team processes with automated Designer Workflows.
Workflow 'No-Code' Activities
Design no-code workflow in SharePoint Online with 80+ 'Off-the-Shelf' actions of Virto Workflow Activity Kit.
Tailored Workflow Tools
Request custom SharePoint Online workflows and activities, tailored to your processes and the outcome expected.

Office 365 Workflow Activities Extensions Kit of 80+ custom actions for SharePoint Designer can be used for creating custom Office 365 workflows and includes extended custom workflow activities for sending e-mails, list processing, permissions processing, dealing with documents, attachments and many other activities.

Imagine for a moment how much time and money your company can save by replacing daily routine tasks that require manual operations with fast and reliable Office 365 workflows. Almost any business process can be fulfilled with predefined workflows, increasing accuracy and reducing errors.

VirtoSoftware expands the range of SharePoint Online workflow activities you can easily add to SharePoint Designer for building your own custom Office 365 workflows! Try also our SharePoint Workflow Activities Extensions Kit thatcan be used also for Microsoft SharePoint 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 or 2007. The Office 365 Workflow Activities Extensions Kit is a part of Virto ONE Cloud.

SharePoint Online Workflows

The SharePoint Online Workflow Activities Kit by Virto can be used for creating custom SharePoint workflows. The Activities Kit includes over 80 workflows activities for sending emails, list processing, permission processing, document and attachement processing, and other activities, which significally extend SharePoint Designer workflow action set.

The Virto’s no-code activities are designed to automate and streamline SharePoint system and team processes. No limitation to workflows quantity, no additional hardware, no extra skills other than being good at SharePoint Designer.

If you lack a specific SharePoint Online Workflow activity, and it is not featured on the Virto Office 365 Workflow Activities set, you can request a custom solution. We will produce it in 2-3 business days.

Office 365 Workflows for SharePoint Designer 2013

You don’t need any additional software or hardware, no skills or special training other than SharePoint Designer demands. Work with Virto workflows doesn’t differ from out-of-the-box SharePoint Online workflow usage.

  1. Download the Virto workflow activities kit and install it in your SharePoint environment.
  2. Add the product in the app catalog on a site in “Apps for SharePoint”.
  3. Go to a SharePoint site where you want to add Virto Workflows for Office 365 and activate this installed app.
  4. Once you have activated Virto Workflows on a particular site, you can run SharePoint Designer 2013 and connect it to that site.
  5. You will have all Virto custom workflow actions in the dropdown list mixed with default workflow activities available on this site.
  6. You can design your own workflow for SharePoint Online, using Virto activities as steps. They can be used the same way as you normally work with default workflow actions. Then you have to publish a created workflow, as you usually do for default SharePoint workflows.
  7. Run the new workflow in SharePoint Online on a site or for an item the same way you start any other created workflows.

If our set doesn’t contain the required action, you may request your own custom activity. We develop and add a new action to our workflows set. No more customization and adjustment of your SharePoint is required! You just have an expanded set of SharePoint online workflows in SharePoint Designer. Now, you may start building your own custom workflows of any complexity with Virto actions.

Administration Actions Create SharePoint group
Rename SharePoint group
Delete SharePoint group

Azure Active Directory Processing Get Azure AD user information
Set Azure AD user attribute

Core Actions Pause
Email Processing Send email with attachments
Import and Export Processing Import CSV to list
List Processing Publish list item
Set field value (extended)
Rename document
Get parent folder name
Get parent folder URL
Get field value from list item
Loop through list items and update list items
Loop through list items and update field value
Get list items (CAML)
Get list item url
Get list item url extended (using CAML query)
Get field values from list
Add/Remove folder
Copy or Move List Item
Create new task
Copy or Move Document
Copy/Move Attachments
Create List Item (extended)
Get list item ID by unique ID (extended)
Copy/move folder and subfolder

Mathematical Calculate aggregate function
Calculate due date

Permission Processing Add user to SharePoint group
Get members of SharePoint group
Check if user is a member of SharePoint group
Grant Permission on list item
Grant Permission on list
Grant Permission on site
Remove all permissions from list item
Remove all permissions from list
Remove all permissions from site
Remove permissions from list item
Remove permissions from list
Remove permissions from site
Remove user from SharePoint group
Remove user from all site groups
Restore list item permissions inheritance
Restore list permissions inheritance
Restore site permissions inheritance
Stop list item permissions inheritance
Stop list permissions inheritance
Stop site permissions inheritance
Get SharePoint Site Group Names
Get all site users
Get SharePoint user from user information list
Remove all list item permissions for user(s)/group(s)
Remove all list permissions for user(s)/group(s)
Remove all site permissions for user(s)/group(s)
Stop folder permissions inheritance
Restore folder permissions inheritance
Grant permissions on folder
Remove permissions from folder
Remove all permissions from folder
Remove all folder permissions for user(s)/group(s)

String Activities Split string
Trim string
Join strings
Convert date to a string

Workflow actions Cancel running Workflow
Cancel all workflows on list item
Loop through list items and start workflow
Start another workflow

Image actions Resize image
Resize image by one side
Resize image by percentage
Virto Office 365 workflow activities were expanded with a copy/move folder action....
The following Office 365 workflow actions were added: Resize Image, Resize Image By One Side, Resize Image By Percentage. Now you expand the range of ootb actions with more than 70 custom Office 365 workflow activities by Virto and automate your business processes without coding. ...
Rename folder, Item exists in the list, Workflow is running, Convert date from local time to UTC, Convert date from UTC to local time, Get date property, Create SharePoint site, Set default permission group, Set SharePoint group’s owner, Decode web text, Encode web text. ...
Stop folder permissions inheritance, Restore folder permissions inheritance, Grant permissions on folder, Remove permissions from folder, Remove all permissions from folder, Remove all folder permissions for user(s)/group(s)....

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December 2, 2023
I've tested many Microsoft 365 workflow tools, and I must say, this one takes the cake. It's a no-code package so you don't require any extra software or hardware, specialized skills, or extensive training to start using this application. I can totally recommend it!
May 17, 2023
Automation has made a profound impact on our organization! We’ve implemented it across multiple teams, providing significant benefits: the accounting team streamlines document workflows, customer support department effortlessly manages tickets, marketing department manages campaign approvals, financial streamlines invoice processing. This app is hands down our favourite automation tool!
May 1, 2023
This app is a must-have for SP admins and managers, as it offers a variety of permission and list processing workflows. We needed a custom solution for emails, and Virto team designed it in 3 days. Customer service ????????
July 25, 2022
This office 365 workflow app solved the purpose I purchased – I can use your set of predefined workflows to cover almost any business process (document and attachment processing, sending emails, and other activities). Easy, safe, & worth every penny spent on it!
October 8, 2021
Well, I've tried a lot of microsoft 365 workflow tools, and this one is my fav! It's a no-code kit of Office 365 workflow activities! Our company already purchased it, and we just tried it after the major update. Thanks again, and keep up the excellent work. It's also cool that you don't need any additional software or hardware, no skills or special training to use this app. My recommendacion.
July 16, 2021
It definitely deserves 5 stars. I can highly recommend this office 365 workflow automation tool. I've been using it for 2 weeks and haven't found anything to dislike. It is flexible, and the interface is easy to learn. And there are such a lot of workflow activities for sending e-mails, list and permissions processing, and more, and more! Wish to enrich your work environment? Implement it.