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Design Neat SharePoint Lists
Turn even the most complicated SharePoint lists into well-structured and visible objects, using Forms Designer's features.
Create Custom List Forms
Enjoy the process of building custom forms in SharePoint Online with the intuitive drag-and-drop feature.
Set Up Flexible Field Permissions
Grant field-level access to specific SharePoint site users and user groups.

Forms Designer for Office 365 is an intuitive solution for SharePoint Online, that allows user to create highly customized interfaces to SharePoint list items. You can quickly build complex SharePoint forms for distinct SharePoint list item views by moving ready-to-use controls with the drag and drop feature or you can perform an additional, more complicated customization. Add tabs, accordions, combine several fields in one row, and make a creative SharePoint Form in a few minutes! If you need more flexibility, use additional text formatting, use CSS-styles, HTML, and JavaScript editor. The Virto Forms Designer may be used as an InfoPath replacement for many common business scenarios. For SharePoint 2013 try Forms Designer Web Part. The Office 365 Forms Designer is a part of Virto ONE Cloud.

SharePoint Online Custom Form Builder

With Virto Forms Designer, no tech degree or special training is expected from an end user to build and adjust a list form in Microsoft SharePoint.

The handy drag & drop feature allows you to build custom forms by simply moving ready-to-use elements like action buttons, links, dropdown fields, tabs, and other objects onto your form.

If that is not enough, you may go beyond the available design options, and create your very own custom forms with extra coding options.

SharePoint Online Forms Fields Rearrangement

You can add any amount of SharePoint list sections and fields into a custom form. With the amazing Forms Designer drag and drop feature, you can arrange the list fields and other elements in several rows below each other.

Virto Forms Designer for Microsoft SharePoint allows you to arrange up to three form elements in a single row!

A wide range of customization features makes the Forms Designer a perfect InfoPath replacement.

Flexible Permission Set Up to Your Users

Once you have created a list form, it becomes available for the other site users, depending on their permission level.

The form can be visible for all the users, or just for a limited list of allowed users or SharePoint groups. Virto’s Forms Designer also makes it possible to set up read-only permissions to certain form fields.

Create beautiful and compact SharePoint forms in a few minutes

With SharePoint Forms Designer by VirtoSoftware, you can transform default SharePoint list forms into responsive custom forms.SharePoint lists fields segregation and sequencing according to required views and user permissions can save your company both time, money, and facilitate greatly user adoption process in SharePoint. Page scrolling for long SharePoint lists is in the past, because you can place everything in a compact form!

Virto SharePoint Forms Designer helps to create separate forms for create/edit/display views of SharePoint lists. Moreover, you can even create distinct forms for different contents of the same list (item, task, folder, etc.).

Virto Forms Designer is an easy-to-use tool to create practical and smart forms on your SharePoint pages without writing a single string of code. Design reports, invoices, approvals, and support any business processes in a compact form view.

Form CustomizationThe Forms Designer tools allow you to transform any list into a user-friendly layout with additional blocks and tabs. SharePoint lists customized with the Virto Forms app are well-structured and visible.
The Drag-and-Drop Layout BuilderSharePoint forms designing has never been so easy. Add images, lookup columns, buttons, links, and other elements to create your custom SharePoint form. All you have to do is to drag and drop the elements from left to right with the form builder.
Text Field AdjustmentsVirto Forms Designer comes with a text field customizing feature. It allows you to adjust the font size, weight, style, and color. In addition, one can hide SharePoint form field labels if needed.
Flexible PermissionsTo a SharePoint site administrator, Virto
Forms app allows to allocate permissions to particular form fileds. Set user or group permissions to view form fields. Create specific form layouts for users with different view permissions.
Perfect InfoPath replacementVirto Forms Designer provides you with a reliable InfoPath replacement intended to SharePoint custom form building.
Coding Options for Power UsersDesignate fileld colors, text styles, and appearance with the additional Virto Forms Designer tools, such as Rich text formatting, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript editors.
Virto SharePoint Forms Designer App for Office 365 is updated and already available for use. One more update we would like to share is Virto SharePoint Forms Designer Online Application for Office 365. Now with modern design and improved usability....
Virto SharePoint Forms Designer was updated to v.1.3.14. We added ability to place field name above a field value, custom format option for DateTime field, ability to reset all forms, themes for Tabs and Accordions, and CheckIn button in form for checked out items.
The newest update for SharePoint Forms Designer web part for SharePoint 2013/2016 has a bunch of features!
Ability to place field name above the field value
The “Field name above the field value” option allows you to put the name of a field above the field box. For example, “Title” field is shown with this option applied....
Virto Office 365 Forms Designer app has new control “Panel” and ID field for Accordions, Tabs, and Panels usable in built-in JavaScript Editor.
Panel can contain list fields and any controls, including other panels, accordions, and tabs.
You can also define security permissions for a panel, as it can be made for tabs and accordions.

The second new feature is ID/Name field. Accordion, tab, and panel have this additional field with an ID. This code is used, when you enhance your forms with built-in JavaScript editor.
Learn more about all features of Virto SharePoint Forms Designer on the product page!...
Virto Office 365 Forms Designer app was updated with option to save your SharePoint forms as a draft and show preview.
Now, instead of the “Save” button you have 3 options:

Click “Save draft” to save the form and continue work with this form draft later.
Click “Preview” to open the form preview in a new window. If you want to preview Edit or New form, your form draft must contain at least one item.
Click “Publish”, if your SharePoint form is ready for publishing on the site.

If your form is saved as a draft, you’ll see the info “Draft document” on the app header. When the form is published, you’ll see “Published document” status on the header.
Learn more about all features of Virto SharePoint Forms Designer on the product page!...
The Virto Forms Designer allows you to create complex SharePoint list forms, enjoying the user-friendly app interface with a rich set of customizing features.
With the Forms Designer, you can transform a SharePoint list into a well-srtuctured form with sections, tabs, buttons, and other elements to create a perfect layout.
1. Custom Forms for Each SharePoint List View
How to create separate views for New, Edit, and Display forms in SharePoint: Go to the required list in your SharePoint, and switch to the Library or the List tab. Click on Forms Designer icon on the ribbon to open the app in a new window. On the Virto Forms Designer interface, click the Change form option and select a form type you
2. Drag-and-Drop SharePoint Form Building
You have all the existing item fields displayed on top, and the basic Forms app’s controls below. Now, you can rearrange, delete, or add fields and elements, and set up specific permissions to the created view. Drag and drop SharePoint list fields and ready-to-use controls to create a form in a few minutes. To transform long SharePoint lists into a compact form view, place the list fields into tabs and accordions....
$995 per tenant/year
*Annual subscription with unlimited number of forms and users
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May 15, 2022
Well, I have encountered ZERO disappointments with this app. I appreciate the ability to change calendar permissions and control access. The app even allows me to hide events when needed. The option for smart inputs in the type field is another nice touch and saves me the trouble of typing out every little thing. That is a solid office 365 forms app that deserves all 5 stars.
November 8, 2021
An efficient app with an attractive interface to control my schedule. Good reminder, calendar, hourly schedule preview. I can create beautiful office 365 custom forms within minutes and with only a few clicks, set field colors, text styles, and appearance. It's also an excellent InfoPath replacement intended for SharePoint custom form-building.
September 19, 2021
Nice office 365 form builder that provides a good use case with a set of useful features. The most helpful for me is transforming any list into a user-friendly layout with additional blocks and tabs, where I can adjust the font size, weight, style, and color. But never the less, the performance could be better.
December 21, 2020
Great office 365 forms customization tool that transforms default SP forms into compact forms. It’s easy to use and intuitive. I like that it allows me to set up flexible field permissions. I believe this app is worth implementing in everyone’s daily work routine to make it easier.