Sales FAQ

How do you license your products?

You will need 1 license for each SharePoint Web Front-End (WFE) Server. For Workflow Activities Kit, you will also need 1 license for each server where SharePoint Timer service is running.

How does a Virto ONE License work?

Virto ONE - is a 12 month subscription license that allows you to use all Virto products for SharePoint 2010, 2013 and SharePoint Online with using only ONE serial number for each SharePoint Web Front-End Server. This key allows you to upgrade any product version without the need for new serial numbers. No migration fee if you decide to migrate to other SharePoint version. When we release new products you will be able to use it too.

How do I renew my Virto ONE License?

Since Virto ONE License is a subscription license, you will need to renew it yearly prior to the subscription expiration date. We will notify you within 30 days prior to this date to remind you of the renewal.

How does a Support Subscription work?

The Support Subscription includes all minor and major product updates for the purchased component, for a period of one year. It also includes unlimited support for purchased Virto products.

How do I renew my Support Subscription?

Before expiry date – You will have an option to renew your Support Subscription for a discounted price prior to the subscription expiry date. We will notify you at least 30 days prior to this date to remind you of the renewal. After expiry date – If you decide to renew your subscription after the expiry date, the early renewal discount will not apply and the cost will be that of a new License. Please note, that you need to renew both Production and Development licenses if they have same expiry date. Renewal subscription for Dev licenses without renewal Production subscription will lead to cancellation of your subscription and refund.

What is the price of a Support Subscription renewal?

You will receive 50% early renewal discount if you renew your Support Subscription before the license expiry date. After the expiry date, the price of the Subscription renewal will be the same as the full price of the License.

Can I continue to use the product once my Support Subscription expires?

If you do not renew your license by the specified date, you will still be able to use the last version of the software released while your support subscription was still active. You will not, however, continue to receive the additional benefits of our subscription service (such as major product updates and new product releases).

My company has a development and testing server. Do we need to obtain a separate license for this?

You will need to purchase a Developer Edition license for each development, testing or Q&A server.

I purchased a SharePoint 2010 license and will be migrating to SharePoint 2013. Do I need to purchase a new license?

No, but you will need to purchase Migration to migrate your licenses. After purchase, your new activation key for SharePoint 2013 will be sent to you upon your request. Note: You can purchase migration plan, if you have active maintenance plan. Otherwise, you will need to purchase a new license.

Do you accept Purchase Orders?

Yes, we accept purchase orders! Please contact [email protected] for the terms and conditions. We cannot process your purchase order unless you provide all of the information requested.

How do you deliver your products?

After you place and pay the order, we will send you serial numbers for the purchased products via email. We have Electronic Distribution ONLY without any physical material sent through the mail.

Have more questions or need a Quote?

Please contact [email protected] anytime or use our Contact Form. You will get your answer as soon as it possible.

What is refund policy?

All of our products are available under full-featured, 30-day trials, free of charge for downloading and testing. We provide our customers the opportunity to fully avail themselves of our products prior to purchase, for this reason we do not provide refunds after the software has been delivered. Fraudulent transactions: whereby you suspect a stolen credit card was used to purchase our products, please contact [email protected], provide us with your contact information as well as for your credit card issuer and once we confirm evidence of fraud, we will issue a full refund.