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Bulk File Downloader: April Update

April 20, 2021

We have updated the Virto Bulk File Downloader web part. The web part has been updated for SharePoint  2013 and 2016 versions to 5.5.37 and to 5.5.39 for SharePoint 2019.

In the latest update we have fixed for SP 2013 and 2016:

  • Folder size calculation
  • Re-download cache issue
  • Ribbon buttons permissions issue
  • The issue with total size calculation, web part configuration, and bulk downloader on list attachments

Additionally, we have also made UI improvements:

  • Folder size calculation
  • Disable downloader web part if the user has view-only permission
  • Disable download if max size exceeded

And finally, we have added the document library folder size calculation

For SharePoint 2019 version we have fixed the modern web-part issue. We also have made  UI improvements: folder size calculation and modern web-part, disable downloader web part if the user has view-only permission, and disable download if max size exceeded.

Download the latest version to apply the changes.

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