Virto Calendar Online App: February 2022 Update

February 28, 2022

Take a look at the Virto Calendar Online app for Office 365 updated. Here is the new feature!

First, with this update, the app supports filtering events by Free/Busy status. To do this, open the Virto Calendar App settings and find “Filter Exchange Events By Status“. In case you need another location to store your data, please contact Virto support.

Note: to make the option work, please, reinstall Calendar Authorization App in your tenant AD.  This is important because we have added one more delegated permission to read tenant places. Also, you should re-add the calendar authorization app in your Azure AD enterprise applications. (Only a global tenant administrator has the right to re-add it).

Second, now you can see the Status field in the event tooltip.

See the detailed information about near features in the Virto Calendar App Update: Busy Status in Calendar Events blog post.

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