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Calendar App for Office 365

Manage Multiple Office 365 Calendars in SharePoint. Overlay Exchange Online calendars with other Office 365 calendars as a single SharePoint calendar.

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Overlay Exchange Calendars
In a few clicks, set up displaying Outlook calendars, including Meeting rooms, in SharePoint to create a single calendar view.
Color Code Office 365 Calendar App Events
Designate a specific color for each calendar and event category to get a well-structured and clear SharePoint calendars overlay.
Customize Office 365 Calendars
Customize a SharePoint calendar with a set of convenient tools, according to specific business needs.
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Virto’s Calendar is designed to overlay Exchange Online calendars with other Office 365 calendars as a single SharePoint calendar. You can combine events from both Outlook shared and private calendars. You can also display external iCal data sources. Our product enables you to view SharePoint events in Day, Week, Month, Year, and Task days/hours views. In a few clicks, set up displaying Outlook calendars, including Meeting rooms, in SharePoint to create a single calendar view. Designate a specific color for each calendar and event category to get a well-structured and clear SharePoint calendars overlay. Use Mini Calendar to add a compact view of all the calendar events. Finally, you can add Virto Calendar to Teams and use it as a separate tab.

Combine Multiple Office 365 Calendars

So much to do, so little time? Office 365 Calendar by Virto has all the relevant events displayed on a single calendar view.
Virto’s Office 365 Calendar app allows you to overlay SharePoint calendars with shared Exchange Online calendars. You may combine both Exchange shared calendar, including Meeting room events, and private Office 365 calendars.
Feel free to overlay as many calendars as required from different SharePoint site collections.

Color Code Office 365 Calendar Events and Categories

Now that you are able to combine events from a number of data sources, you may need to know how to make your overlaid SharePoint calendar clear and visible.
Virto’s Office 365 Calendar app has a great feature that helps to distinguish easily, what category or calendar the event belongs to.
Customize colors for each data source and event category — just two clicks, no coding or in-depth adjusting required.

Add events from MS Planner to Virto Calendar

The app supports adding events from Microsoft Planner to your Virto Calendar. Enable MS Planner as a data source and include events from it in your Virto calendar.

Use Virto Calendar in Microsoft Teams

Add Virto Calendar to your Teams channel as a separate tab. The same calendar functionality is within the Teams app.

Set Up SharePoint Calendar Views

With Virto’s Office 365 Calendar app, you can have the calendar events displayed in Day, Week, Month, and Year view. You may also view tasks and events by a particular calendar or multiple calendars on a single view.
For a Gantt Calendar view, the text filter option can be applied to find data across an event list.
And Virto’s Quick form for event creation is a real must-have tool for project management!

Display events in a compact view of color-coded Mini Calendar

Add the Virto Mini Calendar app to a SharePoint site page and get a compact and informative calendar with events from any data sources in a single view. Overlay SharePoint lists from different site collections, SQL table, Google, XML source, and any other data sources supported by the Virto Calendar. All the required calendars are in a compact Mini Calendar in your SharePoint.

Office 365 Calendar App is a powerful enterprise-class scheduling app for SharePoint Online.

This app overlays all your events from cross-site collection calendars and from any SharePoint or Exchange Online (Outlook) calendars, including Exchange Online shared calendars and Exchange Online Meeting Rooms. The app also supports adding events from MS Planner. Office 365 Calendar App is an efficient and feature-rich calendar with color-coded events, which offers different views for easy navigation and reference, e.g., Day, Week, Month, Year, Multi-source, and Gantt Chart views.  The app supports working on SharePoint modern sites. Try also SharePoint Calendar on-premise and Mini Calendar. The Office 365 Calendar is a part of Virto ONE Cloud.

Calendar App for Office 365 Customers

Implementing Virto Calendar for SharePoint Online was a no brainer for my team. After a free trial, we quickly saw what an amazing solution it is. We have been able to extend SharePoint's out of the box calendars with this app to create beautiful, interactive calendars. We even developed a conference room booking system for one of the premier sporting facilities in the US, based on the features available with Virto Calendar. The Virto team is also very quick to add new features to the application. I have seen it evolve over the past 2 years into an app we just can't live without. It seems they listen to their customers and implement the features that are needed most and lacking in the default SharePoint calendaring experience. I could not recommend a better app for SharePoint online calendaring.

Robert Woods, Microsoft Office 365 Administrator
Multiple Office 365 Calendars Aggregation The Virto Calendar app allows you to combine any number of SharePoint cross-site collection calendars, and Exchange Online shared and personal calendars, including Meeting rooms.
Using Microsoft Planner as a data source Virto Calendar allows you to easily add events from MS Planner to the calendar.
SharePoint Calendar Views The Office 365 Calendar app can display SharePoint calendar events in multiple views: Day, Year, Month, Week, Work Week, Task (Days), Task (Hours), and Multi-source.
MS Teams support You can use your Virto Calendars in MS Teams as a separate tab.
SharePoint Calendar Color Coding You may distinguish events in an overlaid SharePoint Online calendar by a source, designating a specific color to each source calendar.
SharePoint Event Color Coding Designate a specific color to each Office 365 calendar event category to distinguish events by a category in an overlaid SharePoint Online calendar.
Office 365 Calendars Customization Adjust SharePoint calendar New and Edit event forms, select certain fields to show in tooltips, customize calendar grids, and change a cell size.
Automatic Assignment of Office 365 Licenses The Virto Calendar app can automatically assign licenses to SharePoint site users. The option is especially useful when managing large SharePoint teams.
Mini Calendar compact view Add color-coded Virto Mini Calendar app to your SharePoint site page and use a compact view of all the events from your Virto SharePoint Calendar.
Using app for SharePoint modern sites You can use the Calendar Modern web part for SharePoint Online
Free use of full-featured app for up to 5 seats Upon 30-day trial period completion, if you have not made a purchase yet, you can continue using Virto Calendar for free with full functionality for up to 5 users.
Read our article and learn how to achieve a higher level of planning and management with VirtoSoftware and O365 tools....
Virto Calendar Online for Office 365 now supports adding items from MS Planner to your shared Calendar for efficient collaboration and planning a team’s work....
How to use a SharePoint Calendar in Teams? We made it simpler with a new update of Virto Calendar!...
We would like to show you how to install the Virto Calendar directly from your Microsoft Teams and start using it as a separate tab in any Teams channel. You will see how simple the installation process is. Just follow the steps described below in the article or watch the video and start using Virto SharePoint Calendar right now!...
Have you thought about adding a public folder calendar to your Teams? We have good news for you! Now you can add your shared calendar created from a public folder in Office 365 to the Virto Calendar. And even use it in a separate tab of your MS Teams as well....
We have updated the Virto Calendar Online app for Office 365 and added some new features which you might find very useful. Please look at the list of them below in the post.

One more update of the Virto Calendar Online provides a new pack of tools. We have added them for the comfort use of our product at your request....
Virto Calendar Online app for Office 365 supports adding SharePoint events of the Calendar to your Outlook. We have prepared this use case to let you see how easy the process is. Follow the steps described below and export SharePoint events from your Virto Calendar to the Outlook....
We have updated the Virto Calendar Online. Just look at how you can unify categories of your Virto Calendar events for multiple data sources and filter them....
Virto SharePoint Mini Calendar App for Office 365 now allows you to switch to the Virto Calendar App with a single click. How it looks like and what are the benefits, please read, in our post....
VirtoSoftware is ready to introduce the new updated Mini Calendar app for Office 365 and SharePoint online. Find the improved interface, view options, additional color-coding, print settings, and many other improvements in this article....
Virto SharePoint Calendar for Office 365 displays multiple categories from Outlook, has an option to select data storage location, get attachment support, and option to copy a data source....
SharePoint Calendar app by Virtosoftware was extended with new features for multiday view: event types color coding, ability to select font size and weight, option to select left column width.
We have added ability to set colors for SharePoint color coded events in Office 365 Calendar.
You can change left column width containing day schedule (hours).
We have also added the ability to specify font size and weight for MultiDay views....
Virto Office 365 Calendar app can display Internet calendars and has option to show additional fields on events in day, week, workweek, and multisource views.
Show Internet calendars
We’ve added a new feature to display color-coded iCalendars (Outlook, google, apple, etc) in Virto Office 365 Calendar. The events from these calendars are ReadOnly.
Additional fields on events in day, week, workweek, and multisource views
You have a new option to show selected fields on event body in day, week, workweek, and multisource views. This feature is available in both Calendar and DataSource settings....
Virto Office 365 Calendar was updated. We’ve added calendars’ sorting and an option to display events in client’s time zone.
Virto Office 365 Calendar App has several new features.
You can choose the calendars and data sources availability: on all Site Collection sites or on the current site only.
2 new features were added to Calendar Customization. We added arrows to sort calendars in specified order.
Another option is ability to display events in client’s time zone.
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April 8, 2019
Works reliably. I've been looking for something like this for a long time to combine Outlook and SP calendars. This feature was the prime requirement and cost was not a factor. The performance and price could hardly be better.
April 6, 2019
The interface and functions may seem be a little complex to the novice user, but I love this calendar's function to "overlay Exchange Online shared calendars" which saves an unbelievable amount of time from having to view all your existing calendars or re-input your data into all of them.
January 23, 2019
Nice layout work, intuitive design.
June 29, 2018
I have worked with the Virto Calendar team to get this set up in an enterprise environment and I cannot brag enough on their support team! They have done everything in their power to ensure my enterprise is happy with this application and the licensing structure around large tenants. Virto really knows how to treat customers in my opinion.
October 7, 2017
Great tool! I was able to overlay my SharePoint, shared Exchange calendars and meeting rooms availability on SharePoint within couple minutes. Very simple to use and fast working product.