Calendar Overlay Pro Update: New Views & Navigational Options

December 15, 2022

View the most recent version of Calendar Overlay Pro for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online with more helpful tools that make overlaying and managing your calendars easy and comfortable! 

Quarterly View 

You can use the “Year Quarter” view and switch between the quarters with this update.

With the new update, you can view your overlaid SharePoint calendar by quarter and other available views (daily; weekly; work week; yearly; etc.) and switch between the quarters.  

To access the new view, review the dropdown menu as shown below. 

To change from one quarter to another, use the slider. 

Filter categories using “or” and “and” conditions

When you overlay multiple calendars in a single view, the list of categories may become too long. All categories have various colors, and it’s getting harder to search for events. You can use unify feature to fix that. Or try the new option and apply filters.


By default, the OR operator is applied for filtering. For example, you tick “Event Planning,” “Marketing Collateral,” and “Orange category.” By default, the “or” operator is applied. The system will display events either with “Event Planning,” “Marketing Collateral,” or “Event Planning” categories.


Switch to AND operator instead by using the slider. Use the “and” operator to show events with more than one category simultaneously. For example, display events with chosen “Uncategorized” and “Blue category.”

To access all available calendar views, try Calendar Pro by Virto for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams