SharePoint Web Parts
& Office 365 Apps
by VirtoSoftware

Actions automation

SharePoint Alerts App for Office 365 sends custom alerts and reminders to SharePoint or external users in customized emails, using a specified schedule.

A no-code set of 270+ SharePoint activities for creating custom SharePoint Workflows using SharePoint Workflow Designer.

SharePoint Workflow Status Monitor displays a list of titles and statuses (in progress/error occurred) of all SharePoint Workflows run on the SharePoint site.

SharePoint Workflow Scheduler allows users to run any workflow automatically within a single SharePoint site collection on a specific date and time (according to a timetable).

SharePoint Incoming E-mail Feature is a simple and effective service for Microsoft SharePoint for routing and collecting incoming e-mails from POP3 and IMAP Servers.

An effective web part that enhances and streamlines SharePoint alert management system using a wide range of settings and triggers.

Office 365 Workflow Scheduler creates custom schedules within a minute to perform your SharePoint Online workflows at a particular time.

No-Code Custom 80+ Workflows in SharePoint Online (Office 365)