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Virto Online Charts App

The Virto Charts online application is a data visualization tool by VirtoSoftware.  The app helps Microsoft Teams users to collect data from a SharePoint list into visual reports and graphs and use them right in the Teams channel tab.

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Combine reports on a single dashboard
Choose a SharePoint list to generate a full range of charts. Add as many dashboards for various lists as you need to a Teams channel tab.
Make the in-depth analysis of work using data from SharePoint lists
Virto Charts creates reports by status, member, completion chart, lead time, and a burndown chart. Choose a required parameter from the dropdown to fast-track the work of your team.
Visualize data to make the right decisions
Easily get the consolidated information you need to identify issues and find the best way to resolve them.

Creating visual reports for your project may take time and require efforts that you don’t have. The Virto Charts app for Microsoft Teams quickly changes that. You just choose a SharePoint list and in a few seconds, the dashboard with automatic visual reports appears in a Teams channel tab. Use these graphs to convince your partners, show the results to stakeholders or make your project presentation more attractive and compelling. The dashboard designed by VirtoSoftware professionals will save your time and ensure your data will be represented the best way.

For instance, use professionally designed charts on the dashboard to analyze the data by status or members. Estimate the completion of tasks, and the budget, or build the burndown chart to see the work left. Fast-track the productivity of your team and make efficient decisions to improve results.

Virto Charts App creates an attractive dashboard for analysis you need

Add Charts to the Teams channel tab and use automatically generated diagrams to analyze.

Switch between charts

Add as many dashboards with charts of various types and switch between them right in Teams.

Rate your team's efficiency with Status Chart

Use “Status” chart diagrams to analyze the efficiency of your team. With help of this chart type,  you can see the ratio of tasks in different statuses on a classic pie chart.

Check the work progress of each assignee with Members Chart

On the Members chart, you can see the work progress depending on the assignees. This type of chart is a classic histogram.

Estimate the completion of work

Use the completion chart on the dashboard to see which tasks are completed in time and which of them are overdue. Set the period of time to estimate the dynamics.

Track the work left with Burndown chart

Use this classic Burndown on the dashboard to estimate the work left according to a defined period of time. For example, this way you can estimate the work of your support service.

Tune and use the Lead Time Chart

Use the Lead Time chart to analyze time spent on tasks compared to the whole period and the last month. For example, apply this chart to track the work of your Tele Sales team: analyze time spent on calls.

Create an attractive dashboard in Microsoft Teams

The Virto Charts online application is one more tool for data visualization by VirtoSoftware.  The app helps Microsoft Teams users to collect data from a SharePoint list into visual reports and graphs. With Virto Charts, users understand and estimate data efficiently and then make the right decision. The app creates charts automatically according to a chosen list and organizes them into a single dashboard. As a result, you build your own environment for competent analysis and get the actual information available for you or your team.


Build visual reports from a SharePoint listSharePoint list is a data source for automatic diagrams.
Dashboard view for the set of reportsAll charts are combined into a single place. It is also possible to add multiple dashboards from different SharePoint lists to a single site page.
Choose the period of timeDepending on a chosen period the data appears on a diagram.
Status reportAbility to analyze tasks by their status on a pie chart and see which of them are completed or in progress.
Members chartCharts app allows you to see the productivity of team members on an automatic histogram.
Completion chartUse the completion chart to analyze the tasks already done by your team.
Burndown diagramAn automatic burndown diagram will let you see the work left.
Save as a picture or PDFYou can download each of the reports as a PDF or as a picture. PNG, JPEG, SVG formats are supported.
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Virto Online Charts App
Virto Online Charts App
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