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Part 5: Transforming Products

Learn how partners develop and capitalize on their products and owned intellectual property (IP), leverage data to enter new markets, revise business models to prioritize agility, and make customers their business partners on the joint digital journey. Understand the breadth and value of owned IP, and where your strategy should align.

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Learn more about transforming products. The materials are provided by Microsoft for VirtoSoftware, MS Gold Certified Partner.
Focus on solution areas that align to market opportunity, whether that’s specific to digital platforms, cloud, or hyper-agile applications. This is a key step in ensuring that your IP focus will have relevance and will lead to revenue.
Your released solutions should be developed and marketed as a differentiator in the market. Identify areas of customer pain and elevate their discussions beyond price and provide higher margin scenarios.
Approach the development of your offering in a proactive, strategic way. Choose one area of focus to minimize the overall burden.
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Part 2: Engaging customers

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The Enterprise Project Management Tools: Online Implementation

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Part 1: The Digital Transformation Opportunity

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From this whitepaper, you will learn how partners profit from their products and intellectual property (IP). See how they leverage data to enter new markets and revise business models.  Finally, you will understand the value of owned IP, and where your strategy should align.