8 Mistakes Companies Make Implementing Task Management

It probably sounds easy before you start to implement task management. But even experienced managers may face the hardship of task management implementation. Let's talk about the most common mistakes and how to avoid them.
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The Enterprise Project Management Tools: Online Implementation

To boost efficiency and make data-driven decisions, managers need a clear picture of processes and people. At the same time organizations require quick access to project information. That is why project management tools step on the stage. They help organizations to change ad-hoc project management to a modern and powerful decision-making process: a company-wide project management system.

Part 1: The Digital Transformation Opportunity

Learn how Microsoft partners have developed cloud to boost their digital transformation practices. See how you can deliver innovative services and solutions to your customers. Finally, understand how digital transformation becomes a roadmap to solutions and customer transformation needs.

Part 2: Engaging customers

This whitepaper will help you to see how partners are engaging customers across the transformation lifecycle. Understand how they can integrate customer-centricity across the business and through data-driven insights. In addition, align your customer engagement strategy to help customers succeed on their digital journey.

Part 3: Empowering employees

Learn what partners are doing to recruit, train, and develop the digital skills of employees. Understand how partners can build modern work environments with self-service and simplified processes. Finally, see the examples of how they use data and insights to aid decision making.

Part 4: Optimizing operations

See how partners transform their operations to be more adaptive, agile, and efficient by using technology and digital platforms. Additionally, identify where and how you can make improvements to your business through automated processes and governance.

Part 5: Transforming Products

Learn how partners develop and capitalize on their products and owned intellectual property (IP), leverage data to enter new markets, revise business models to prioritize agility, and make customers their business partners on the joint digital journey. Understand the breadth and value of owned IP, and where your strategy should align.

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