Virto Password Reset Web Part: Meet the new version for SPFx

September 14, 2021

Virto SharePoint Password Reset Web Part for SharePoint 2019 now supports use on SharePoint Framework (SPFx). Use Password Reset web part on modern sites and pages on your SharePoint 2019.

How to Install

Get on with the Password Reset SPFx web part:

1) To install Virto Password Reset web part, first run Setup.exe file as administrator under the farm administrator account.

2) Create App Catalog in your SharePoint if necessary:

Then the system will upload the  “spfx.sppkg” file to “Apps for SharePoint”. Now you can add Virto Password Reset on the modern pages/sites.

Note! Please do not use an administrator account to install and activate the SPFx web part.

In addition, you can find the installation guide in the .zip archive. Just look it through before you install the web part.

Please feel free to leave feedback on the SharePoint Password Reset web part on our website.

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