Office 365 Kanban Major Update, December 2019

December 14, 2019

Virto Kanban Board for Office 365 comes with performance optimization, labels feature, charts upgrade, tasks cloning, swimlanes sorting, task and board history, custom choice values fill-in, and image preview on task body.

SharePoint Kanban Board labels are actually color-coded tags on kanban cards.
Label values are taken from a custom multichoice column added to your Kanban list. You have to select this column in Kanban Settings > Cards Setup > Labels.

Charts data
There is a new ability to display in charts the values of number type fields. Now, you can choose which statistics to display in this chart view.
We’ve also added the “Points”column to all Kanban lists, which were created when you use “add quick boards” feature. A point (story point) is an agile metric used to estimate the difficulty level of a task. This way, you can measure measure workload and efforts of users required to implement tasks.

Clone ticket
You can clone selected tickets using drop-down in the tooltip. When you clone a ticket, it will be opened in a new ticket’s edit form that contains all field values from the cloned ticket.

Task and board history
The task and board changes history was one a most sought-after features for Virto SharePoint Kanban Board users. Now, you can track the task and board history to see all changes.

Swimlanes sorting
You can sort swimlanes manually, in ascending or descending order by title.

Image preview on task body
In this SharePoint Kanban version you can have images preview on your tickets. We’ve also improved the field for images in task edit form. Now it’s similar to attachments field, where you can drag and drop pictures to attach them and view in a task.

‘Fill-in’ choices fields support
We added an ability to add choices for allow to fill-in choices fields.
When you have to add some new values to choice type fields, you usually leave the Virto Kanban interface and access a SharePoint list to make changes. Sometimes these new choice values appear during the work process and require extra time to manage them. We’ve added an option for end users to add these values right on SharePoint Kanban Board!
The custom choices entering is available in the task edit form.

And the last but not the least of news: we have optimized the Virto Kanban performance and now it works even faster!

You can learn more about these features in our blog.

Download the Office 365 Kanban and try all new features in a free trial version.