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Virto Kanban Board Office 365 with boards Recycle Bin and new comment features

June 25, 2019

Virto Kanban Board Office 365 was updated with boards Recycle Bin, comments’ content in e-mail notifications and user mentioning in comments.

  • We’ve added Recycle Bin where all deleted Office 365 Kanban boards will be imported. Users decide later if they want to delete a board completely or restore it at any moment to check necessary info or continue work with this board.
  • Another new option is user mentioning in comments. When a task requires someone’s attention, you can mention this user by entering @ sign and choosing the name from the search suggestions. A mentioned person will receive notification about comment to the task. Don’t forget to activate relevant notification in board settings to enable this feature for board’s users.
  • A new tag “Comment value”  is available in any notification message about comments. It includes a comment’s content in the e-mail to reduce the need to open a board just to read the comment.

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