Receive email alert about any changes of a specific field

Create alert to track field changes and ensure any important events are not missed

Business Requirements

Receive alert as soon as a value in required field was changed.

Virto Software Components Used

Office 365 Alerts add-in

Solution Summary

Iowa State University needed a solution to receive alert, when a certain field of list was changed. This business process can be used for instance to inform about a task/project completion, the same solution also works as a tool to track any important changes in list. 

You can customize the alert really simple with Office 365 Alerts add-in by Virto. In this example I`ll create an alert for a project list. After a certain phase of this project is completed, user makes a note in predefined field and the project manager receives an alert with request to approvement.


Create an alert in Office 365 Alerts add-in. Select the list, type of alert event and the alert title.


Define alert recepients on the next step.


I`ll create a really simple alert message. But you can design complex custom alert emails with tabs, pictures, links, tags, fields values tracking and many other features. You can learn more about all features in online documentation or by downloading fully free trial of Virto Office 365 Alerts.


On the last step I define the alert condition and sending schedule. The alert will be sent immediately after any changes in the list field "Ready".


After this alert is triggered, the project manager receive the letter.