Insert link to lookup view form in any email alert

As example, you can add a link to client card view form from lookup field in your alert

Business Requirements

The ability to add link to company details card in Virto SharePoint alert email. The company details column is a lookup column.

Virto Software Components Used

SharePoint alerts add-in

Solution Summary

The additional feature of Virto Office 365 alerts add-in allows you to customize your SharePoint Online alert to receive an email with links to lookup fields with additional information. All lookup fields are displayed as links, so you can customize your alert report with more additional details.

For example, a Virto client recieved a daily summary alert of all changes from its clients list. The list has a lookup field "Company". 


When the client recieves the alert email, this "Company" lookup field is displayed as a link to item`s view form.


You just need to click on link to see more company details from lookup field. 


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