Flexible tool for agile project management

How to display project name instead of task name on cards of Office 365 Kanban

Business Requirements

A group of developers prefer to use a single task list/Kanban for all of projects.

Many projects do not require lots of tasks (creating a separate task list/board per project would be overkill). That is why every kanban card should be named after a project, not a task.

Big-picture view of all of team work across all projects instead of flipping from one board/page to another.

Virto Software Components Used

Virto Office 365 kanban 

Solution Summary

The department of media corporation required a flexible agile project management tool for Office 365. The solution must have the ability to select SharePoint list field that will be displayed as Task title. For example, not a Task name, but Project name.

A standart agile board with sorting by task priority.


Customized agile board with sorting by users and their current projects instead task names (the count of tasks in swimlane is applied for "In Progress" and "Waiting on someone else" columns).


Virto Office 365 Kanban capabilities allows users to select task name field for Kanban task tooltip and choose any other field to display it on Office 365 Kanban card.

You just need to select in Virto SharePoint Online Kanban settings a required field for Task title and the field, that will be displayed as task name. 

In this example, the Title field of item and Title field that was chosen for displaying on task body have the same list field.

In this example, the Title field of item is an actual task name. And the Title field for displaying on task body contains the value from column “Project”.

You can learn more about all features of Virto Office 365 Kanban on the product page or download and try fully free 30-days trial.