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kanban online

September 24, 2021

We have updated Virto Kanban Board Online App for Office 365 and MS Teams. Take a look at what we have changed and improved: Updated swimlanes: now you can choose a swimlane field from a dropdown directly on the board to switch between swimlanes; Subtasks: the updated app supports using subtasks to split complex tasks to steps; Changed font: new font if applied to task titles. See the detailed descriptions of the new features in our blog post: Kanban Board Online App: Subtasks and Improved Swimlanes Related Products:   Office 365 Kanban  

September 22, 2021

The improved Virto Kanban Board Online App for Office 365 and MS Teams is already available for use. In case you’re using the Virto Kanban as a web part, you should use the script as follows for correct work. Go to the SharePoint site page where the Kanban Board as a web part is added and switch to the edit mode. Copy the script and check the box “Use default SharePoint form” in the Kanban Board app settings. Insert the copied script to the Script editor added to the page and save the changes. Start using! Thank you for your… read more

July 7, 2021

We have updated the Virto SharePoint Kanban Board App for Office 365. Now you can use rich text formatting and add pictures to the comments of board cards.