Special Offer for Educational Organizations: Virto One Cloud 80% Off

April 27, 2021

VirtoSoftware introduces a special offer for educational organizations. More details in our post!

These days most people have to work and learn remotely. Educational institutions hit both points. First, they need to build an environment comfortable both for work and learning simultaneously. Then, it should gather the interests of teachers, university workers, and students. And finally, it should help to run online numerous business processes.

Many educational organizations use Office 365 and Teams to create this ultimate productivity environment. VirtoSoftware boosts the Office 365 and Teams ROI via enabling numerous additional business scenarios.

That’s why we offer 80% off the price for the Virto One Cloud package up to Tuesday, June 15, 2021.

Are you an educational organization? Need to boost the Office 365 and Teams ROI? We know how to do this! Grab your chance and request for special offer via email at sales@www.virtosoftware.com.

Which products does Virto ONE Cloud include?

Kanban Board structures all the tasks/projects depending on users’ choice, get users notified of what matters, lets users see the time left for closing the tasks;

Calendar collects all events from MS Exchange, Google, Outlook, SP list, and other mailboxes in one place where users can color-code them;

Alerts & Reminders get users aware of specific changes in SP lists at the most appropriate times;

Gantt chart displays SP tasks in a Gantt chart view so users see the employees’ inclusion in every project;

Resource Manager shows SP tasks in a Gantt chart view so users find the employees workload over a time frame;

Portfolio Project Manager controls workload of human resources and identifies overbooking or appeared days off gaps;

Workflow Scheduler runs SP online workflows on a specific schedule whether users start them manually or with delay;

Bulk Upload allows uploading multiple files to an SP online library including multiple attachments to list items;

Forms Designer customizes interfaces to SP list items with ready-to-use controls in just a few moments;

Workflows pack manages SP system and team processes with automated 80+ no-code Designer Workflows.