SharePoint Kanban for SharePoint On Premises Major Update, November 2019

November 23, 2019

Virto Kanban Board for SharePoint On Premises 2013, 2016, 2019 was updated with interactive search feature, scroll for columns, swimlanes sorting, image preview on task, user mentioning in comments, and tickets cloning.

Interactive search

We added a new search control in the right upper corner allows you to display only the tasks matching to entered task values (text, numbers, and symbols) that are displayed on current Kanban board cards.

Scroll for columns

If a column contains too many tasks, it’s length reduces automatically. When you you hover the cursor on it, scroll appears. You can scroll the tasks in each column up and down. It’s possible to scroll the whole board with the scroll bar on the right side or using the mouse wheel with hovering between columns. You can disable this option in SharePoint Kanban board settings.

Sorting for swimlanes

You have options to sort swimlanes manually, in ascending or descending order by title.

Tasks with image preview

It’s possible to display pictures preview on Kanban tasks, and we’ve also improved the field for images in task edit form. It looks similar to attachments field, where you can drag and drop images to attach them and view on a task.

User mentioning in comments

If a task requires someone’s attention, you can mention this user by entering @ sign and choosing the name from the search suggestions. The selected person will receive notification about comment to the task, where he or she was mentioned. To enable this feature for board’s users, you need to activate relevant notification in board settings.

Comment value in notifications

You can include a new tag “Comment value” in any notification message about comments. The comment content will be displayed in the e-mail. This feature reduce the need to switch to the board to read a new comment.

‘Fill-in’ choices fields support

Now, you can add choices for “allow to fill-in choices” fields.
If you need to enter some new values to choice type fields, you usually close the Virto SharePoint Kanban web part and go a SharePoint list to change it. Sometimes these new choice values appear during the work process and require extra time to manage them. We’ve added an option for end users to add these values right on SharePoint Kanban Board!
The custom choices entering is available in the task edit form.

Note: Allow ‘Fill-in’ choices feature must be enabled for the column.

Clone ticket

You can clone selected tickets from drop-down in the tooltip. When you clone a ticket, it is opened in a new ticket’s edit form that contains all field values from the cloned ticket.

Note: Attachments and images can’t be transferred to a clone ticket.

You can download the last version of SharePoint Kanban on our site and try its 30-days free trial.