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Office 365 reminder can be sent according to a day count from a number field value. For example, you can send alert in 2 or 3 days before Due Date of each list item.... read more
A department of University of Alabama at Birmingham needed a simple registration form for its Lunch and Learn events.... read more
How to create a SharePoint form with custom colored tabs... read more
How to create a SharePoint form with Next button to advance to the next tab.... read more
SharePoint 2013 user\group layouts can be for applied to SharePoint form views... read more
Send email to employees without ability to unsubscribe... read more
Overlay and manage all events from Exchange Online shared calendars, meeting rooms and SharePoint Online calendars in a single view.... read more
Create alert to track field changes and inform, for instance, about a task/project completion... read more
How to overlay Office 365 meeting room from Exchange Online with regular SharePoint Calendar events.... read more
The solution for University of Alabama at Birmingham for executive conference room scheduling.... read more
How to migrate lists in SharePoint Online with Virto Backup & Recovery tool... read more
As example, you can add a link to client card view form from lookup field in your Office 365 alert... read more
How to create the custom SharePoint form for user requests, feedback, lead generation for a certain SharePoint site... read more
Overlay SQL list events with Office 365 calendar.... read more
How to display project name instead of task name on Office 365 Kanban cards... read more
Customers requests processing from the company`s public site... read more
Collect the latest information from various lists to a parent list... read more