VirtoSoftware Partner Program

Since 2009, VirtoSoftware has build more than 50 great products for SharePoint and Office 365. More than 6,000 companies around the world became our clients and stay with us all these years. We are proud of our customer's service and invest in new technologies and people to make our products even better for our clients.

We understand that we can't reach each company who needs to enhance their SharePoint with our products, that's why we've built a Partner Program that can help us to deliver our products to the end-user faster. We are looking for professionals around the world, who has a good experience in building SharePoint solutions for their customers, who needs trusted ready to use components for any part of their projects with excellent flexible support.

What do VirtoSoftware Partners Get?

Our goal is to help you to find an appropriate solution for your projects and support during whole project life cycle. Being our partner you will get:

  • Discount up to 20% for all Virto products and Bundles;
  • Pre-sale technical support via email;
  • Technical support via email with response within 24 hours;
  • Marketing materials;
  • Virto ONE License for all products for demonstration purposes only;
  • Opporunity to grow your business with well-known trusted SharePoint components vendor.

What do VirtoSoftware Partners can do?

While you get VirtoSoftware Partner status, you can start growing your business and bringing our solutions to your local customers using the following benefits:

  • Resell VirtoSoftware products to your clients
  • Use trademarks, document templates, and corporate designs.
  • Place VirtoSoftware company logo on your website and marketing materials;
  • Create co-branded marketing materials based on our marketing materials;
  • Request high-priority custom development to modify our products based on client's needs.

What's next?

To become a VirtoSoftware Partner, please download Partner Application Form, fill it and send us with your request at Once we receive your request, we'll send you a response within 2 business days with confirmation of approval or additional questions regarding your company and possibilities.