Forms Designer for Office 365 is an intuitive solution for SharePoint Online, that allows user to create highly customized interfaces to SharePoint list items. You can quickly build complex SharePoint forms for distinct SharePoint list item views by moving ready-to-use controls with the drag and drop feature or you can perform an additional, more complicated customization. Add tabs, accordions, combine several fields in one row, and make a creative SharePoint Form in a few minutes! If you need more flexibility, use additional text formatting, use CSS-styles, HTML, and JavaScript editor. For SharePoint 2013 try Forms Designer Web Part.
The Office 365 Forms Designer is a part of Virto ONE Cloud.
  • Forms Designer App - Spend only a few minutes to create custom SharePoint forms

    Spend only a few minutes to create custom SharePoint forms

    Virto SharePoint Forms Designer makes it easy to create custom SharePoint forms and appealing interfaces to turn SharePoint data input into a pleasant process. 

    With Virto Office 365 SharePoint Forms Designer, even a non-technical end user can easily build and adjust SharePoint forms with no additional skills. No programming needed to create even a complex form! An intuitive and user friendly interface with the drag and drop feature allows you to dispose ready-to-use elements and controls into custom SharePoint forms with tabs and accordions. Using SharePoint Forms for Office 365, you can quickly create sophisticated views for creating, editing and displaying SharePoint list items. 

  • Forms Designer App - Import/export forms templates and save time

    Import/export forms templates and save time

    Once your SharePoint form is complete, you can save it as a template and use this design later for any other list or library. No more individual customization or extensive rework of all your SharePoint forms! Just click “Import” or “Export” button to manage your templates quickly and easily.

  • Forms Designer App - Be creative with CSS-styles, HTML, and JavaScript editors.

    Be creative with CSS-styles, HTML, and JavaScript editors.

    If you go beyond the wide range of existing controls and create your very own design, you can customize and enhance your SharePoint forms with additional functions of Virto SharePoint Forms Designer for Office 365. You can apply font/text formatting, define CSS-styles, use HTML and JavaScript editors. All tools you may need are already there!

  • Forms Designer App - Delegate rights to view certain fields of the form.

    Delegate rights to view certain fields of the form.

    You can select users or user groups allowed to view certain fields in your SharePoint form. You can display all fields in SEO accordion section for SEO only or make fields visible only for a few users with full permission.

    It is also possible to create form layouts with permissions to view a certain form type.

With Office 365 SharePoint Forms Designer, even a non-power SharePoint users can manage SharePoint lists, using easy and practical forms. Also, an administrator can hide several item fields in a SharePoint form from certain users/a group of users or customize form layouts with view permissions. 

Virto SharePoint Forms for Office 365 key features:
- Create custom attractive SharePoint forms with additional sections and blocks, using the drag and drop feature.
- Add images, lookup columns, buttons, links and many other elements to your form.
- Customize form text fields and hide labels of fields if needed.
- Set user or group permissions to view form fields.
- Ability to apply the same view for creating, editing and displaying forms without individual adjustment.
- Define colors, text styles and design the fields’ appearance with additional Virto SharePoint Forms Designer tools (Rich text formatting, HTML, CSS, JavaScript editors).
- Export/import saved form templates and apply the same or slightly modified view for different lists.
- Create form layout for users with distinct view permissions.