Office 365 Alerts with search features, new reminders, and option to rewrite “Change Type” of existing alerts.

May 17, 2019

Office 365 Alerts app was updated with daily, weekly, and monthly reminders, search features, and ability to change “Change Type” of existing alerts.

    • We have enhanced the schedule system in Office 365 Alerts app. You can send daily, weekly, and monthly reminders, e-mails will be sent as long as conditions met.
    • You can apply alert filters for queue: by name and by date range.
    • Now, you can change “Change Type” for existing alerts.
    • We’ve added a highlight for disabled alerts and reminders.
    • “Browse tenant” menu allows you to search alerts and reminders across your site collection.

Learn more about these features in our blog.

You can download Office 365 Alerts app with free fully functional trial.