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Virtosoftware Releases New Media Player Web Part for SharePoint

February 2, 2013

Using Virto Media Player Web Part for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 is the easiest way you can come up with if you need to add video or audio to your SharePoint site.

The component allows you to simply play audio and video files right from your SharePoint website. All you need to do is install the web part and select library in the web part settings. Virto Media Player supports audio files in.mp3 and .m4a and video files in .flv and .m4v formats.

To adjust installed Virto Media Player to a SharePoint site page, you can predefine size of it and add to the page Media Player of large, medium or small size. The component allows you to manage the playlist and rewind to previous and further audio and video items. It is also allowed to enable shuffle and replay options.

Feel free to download and install Virto Media Player Web Part and enjoy media right in your SharePoint portal.