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Virto Social Aggregator for SharePoint 2013 – a web part for aggregating Twitter posts and RSS feeds in a single view!

August 31, 2014

​Virtosoftware keeps on updating web parts and preparing them for Microsoft SharePoint 2013. Now Virto SharePoint Social Aggregator is ready to use. The component aggregates and displays effectively the posts from various RSS feeds, posts from Twitter (twits) and popular social networks (Facebook).

Users of Virto Social Aggregator can conveniently view feeds from the variety of sources. Virto Social Virto Aggregator Web Part aggregates feeds from various sources and display them on your SharePoint site in a single view which can be easily customized with help of XSL and CSS.

Watch the Social aggregator demo or download and try trial right now!

Learn more about the web part on the SharePoint Social Addregator product page.