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Virto SharePoint Kanban web part updated with scroll, fast edit, search, and sorting

August 6, 2018

We have added several awesome features to SharePoint Kanban web part, and a new updates are coming soon!

For now, version 4.2.4 has the following features:

Add editing directly on card

“Add editing directly on card” feature allows users to edit card fields underlined by a white dotted line.

 With this option, users may edit task fields without opening the full edit form.


Horizontal scroll

If your board contains many columns and doesn’t fit to screen, you may use horizontal scroll on the bottom of the page, if you enable “Use horizontal scroll” feature. If you disable this feature, you may move columns with drag and drop option. Just click on any empty space on the web part, hold a mouse button, then move the mouse without releasing left or right. 

Use default SharePoint form

You can select which form (Kanban form or default SharePoint form) you will use to edit tasks.

Interactive search of cards on board

The search control is added to Kanban header. You can display only the tasks matching to any entered values (text, numbers, and symbols) that are displayed on cards.

Sorting field in a column (cell)

You can apply tasks sorting in ascending and descending order. To display this filter on the board header, you have to specify a field for sorting in the web part settings. For example, you may arrange tasks in a cell according to descending Start Date.

Note: if you set a field for sorting, the manual sorting of tasks will be disabled.

You can download the last version of SharePoint Kanban on our site and try its 30-days free trial.