Virto SharePoint Calendar web part supports Exchange 2016 calendars

February 21, 2017

Virto SharePoint Calendar web part has the ability to overlay your SharePoint calendars with Exchange 2016 calendars. EWS api dll has been updated to support with Exchange 2016, you must restart the SharePoint application pool on WFE server(s) after installation of upgraded package.


SharePoint Calendar web part allows you to overlay SharePoint lists, SalesForce calendars, Google Calendars, SQL tables and Microsoft Exchange/Outlook Calendars in one color-coded SharePoint calendar. 

It’s remarkable easy to add Exchange Calendar to your SharePoint calendar as a data source. Select required Exchange version and URL of installed Exchange Server (see the picture above). If Microsoft Exchange Server is installed on another domain, you should enter login and password (it can be login and password of a user whose Exchange calendar you need to display) for connection to Exchange Server. That’s all you have to do in order to overlay both calendars. Now you can change events of Exchange calendar right from SharePoint.

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