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Virto Office 365 Calendar app has filters and new create/edit forms

September 5, 2017

We have extended the abilities of Virto Office 365 Calendar app with new features. This update includes the new form for quick event creation, more convenient functionality for edit/create form customization, and filters for Calendar Task (Gantt) views.

1. New form for quick event creation.

Now, the quick creation form contains required list fields and allows you to select quickly the event duration. 


Select number of hours planned for this event, and the end time will be changed according to the event duration.


2. Sorting and filtering feature for the Task (hours) and Task (days) views.

You can apply a filter to find events from events list and use the sorting in the alphabetical order. Second click on the AZ filter allows you to apply the reverse order (Z>A) to the events list.


This example shows the applied text field filter “meet” and events sorting in A>Z order (the applied AZ filter icon is highlighted with red). 


3. Arrows for fields order

Now, the fields order for create/edit form can be selected much faster. We have added arrows buttons to move a field up and down inside the fields order of a form.

Do not forget to check the box “Apply the exact fields order to form” to save the selected order.


You can try all new features of Virto Office 365 Calendar app right now!