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Virto Custom Mask & Unique Field Validation Component – now for SharePoint 2013!

August 20, 2014

A component that provides SharePoint users with two additional features for data entering – Virto SharePoint Custom Mask & Unique Field Validation – now is absolutely compatible with Microsoft SharePoint 2013 too.

The web part allows SharePoint users to make the process of data entering more convenient. This may be creadit cards numbers, phones, addresses or any other information which can be entered with help of pre-defined masks. These masks are easily created by our web part.

The data templates can be created in any combination of such fields as textdate/timeexisting column value,site namelist name and number.

Virto Custom Mask and Unique Field Validation also enables requiring any SharePoint list field to contain unique values.

Learn more about the product on the SharePoint Custom Mask web part page.