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Use New Component for SharePoint 2010 to Cut Long URLs – Virto URL Shortener Web Part

January 30, 2013

Virtosoftware presents new component for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 intended for automatic cutting URLs to SharePoint site pages, lists or documents – Virto URL Shortener Web Part for SharePoint.

Most of SharePoint users often face the necessity to use URL to site pages, lists and documents. Despite the ones are very long sometimes and contain large amount of characters. That is very simple matter if you don’t need to spell this URL or send it via e-mail. Otherwise the URL may take the most part of e-mail message body and information can be left unobserved.

Or maybe you got to twit URL. Since there is Twitter character limit, it won’t be possible if the link is too long.

Just download and install Virto URL Shortener for Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and use a single button to shorten long URL automatically. Later on you can easily send short URL, twit it or even spell during a telephone call.