Take full control of all your checked out files with Virto Checkout Manager for SharePoint Online

May 29, 2016

Virto Checkout Manager for SharePoint Online is an easy way to get access to all checked out documents in your SharePoint libraries. Using custom reminders and auto check in timer, you can ensure that all checked out files in your SharePoint environment are not forgotten about.


When multiple employees are working on the same documents, they might left some shared documents checked out and forget about it.

Using Virto Checkout Manager for SharePoint Online, you will have all your checked out documents under control in a single place. Also, you can use email reminders, so you do not need to keep in mind all checked out files. You can also apply auto check in feature as an option and have your documents checked in automatically after a predetermined period of time.


Virto Checkout Manager for SharePoint Online will dramatically increase your team productivity and always keep your documents in order!

You can download the 30-days fully functional trial of Virto Office 365 Checkout Manager and try all its features right now!