SharePoint 2013 Workflow Suite major update

May 27, 2015

VirtoSoftware completed a major update to SharePoint Workflow Suite. Now, this bundle is fully compatible with SharePoint workflow 2013.

Additionally, VirtoSoftware offers you to explore all SharePoint workflow 2013 features for FREE in SharePoint Workflows.

SharePoint Workflow Suite bundle allows you to manage workflows, using visual, intuitive designed tools provided with an impressive set of 230+ activities and conditions for creating custom SharePoint workflows. Three web parts are united to work with SharePoint workflows including monitoring and scheduling them into a single bundle. Use collection of over 230 activities, create custom workflows, adjust schedule of workflows running and monitor all of them with Virto tools. All bundle components work in SharePoint 2013, 2010 and 2007.

SharePoint Workflow Scheduler Web Part is an intuitively designed tool that allows users to automatically run any workflow within a single SharePoint site collection on a specific date and time.

SharePoint Workflow Status Monitor Web Part is displaying a list of titles and statuses of all workflows that are run on the given SharePoint site.

SharePoint Workflows tool contains over 230 activities for creating custom SharePoint workflows. A new major update offers the set of FREE activities and conditions, which are working with the native 2013 workflow engine: Get List Items, Copy/Move Document, Create List Item, Update List Item, Add/Remove folder, Copy/Move Folder, Copy/Move Attachments, Get Attachments, Waiting For Changes Fields, Split String.