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SharePoint Online calendar new license feature

July 20, 2016

Now Virto SharePoint Calendar handles your users licenses effortlessly with enterprise-class subscription management features.

When auto-assignment feature is enabled, any user who opens SharePoint Calendar add-in or opens the page with installed SharePoint Calendar add-in, will be added to licensed users list automatically. This feature can be a great help if your company has hundreds or thousands of users. SharePoint administrator do not need to add manually all licensed users to list.

Also, you can apply cleaning feature to automatically delete from licensed users list all users who have not opened SharePoint Calendar more than 30 days.


Another option is site collection url(s) assignment for adding licensed users. You can define the list of SharePoint sites where the users auto-assignment feature can be applied.

Now if a user opens Virto SharePoint Online Calendar on any site that is NOT contained in this list,  he will not be added to licensed users list.


You can download the fully functional 30-days trial of Virto Office 365 Calendar Add-in and try all its features right now!