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SharePoint Kanban web part updated with templates and smart UI improvements

July 4, 2018

The last 4.1.3 version of Virto SharePoint Kanban web part comes with several new features.

Board templates allow you to save current board setting in a file to apply it later as a template for another board. The template is saved as .kb4j file on your computer. The name of the board used for template is the name of saved file.


To apply a saved templated, add a new Kanban board, and select list(s) for this board. Then click “Load template” and select a template file on your computer. Now, you have to check all tabs on Kanban Board settings to ensure all field values are selected correctly.

If the selected list has a completely different field set than the template has, you will see the notification with all fields that have no equivalent values in current list.

All required fields taken from template that aren’t matching to the current list fields will be changed to similar lists that exist in current list.

Now, you may disable tasks editing for certain SharePoint kanban boards. “Add new task” button from the board header and the quick “Add” button on each column can be removed from board to make it Read Only.

You can show or hide these buttons on the last tab of Kanban Settings.


“Minimum count of tasks in column per row” option allows you to set a number of tasks that will fit to selected column.

“Max work tasks” option allows user to set the count of maximum tasks available to display in selected column. Setting the value to 0 specifies no task count limit. This feature may be useful if you work with large lists with many tasks in a column.

In the following example, we have applied 3 max work tasks to the column. This means, only 3 tasks will be displayed.


In fact, the “In Progress” column contains 4 tasks, but only 3 are displayed.

You can see the first character is 4 (actual number of tasks). It’s highlighted with red, because the WIP limit for this column is 1 task (the second character 1 displays WIP limit).

And the third character is 3, it’s max work tasks limit. That’s why you can see only 3 tasks in this column. If you have to display all of them, click on this number (3) to expand the column. Click again on this number to collapse the column according to max work tasks count.


You can download the last 4.1.3 version of Virto SharePoint Kanban on our site. And a new version with even more features is coming soon!