SharePoint Kanban web part & app major updates

September 8, 2015

We are happy to announce a latest and greatest major updates of SharePoint Kanban web part for SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Kanban app! New features were added and performance was dramatically increased. Enjoy the modern design and high productivity of SharePoint Kanban!

The configuration page was redesigned, now you can change Virto Kanban settings in a convenient view.


The main change in Kanban functionality is a swimlane. Swimlanes visualize different classes of work as horizontal lanes on the Kanban board.

On SharePoint Kanban board swimlanes will looks like follows


Also, now you can use new condition filters.


The “Show user as” option have been added, so you can display “Avatar only”, “Full name only” or “Avatar and full name”.


Download new versions and try all these features of SharePoint Kanban web part and SharePoint Kanban app right now!