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SharePoint Kanban Board App with updated board interface and new smart features

October 2, 2018

Virto SharePoint Kanban Board was updated with an option to sort cards in specified order, edit field values on the card directly, tasks search, and new filters behavior.

Virto SharePoint Kanban app comes with a slightly updated board interface. We changed text buttons to icons. Among other changes:

Edit fields right on a card

We’ve added an option to edit task values without opening an edit form, right on a card! If you hover the mouse cursor to a editable field value, it is underlined with white dots.

You can type or select new values for fields on the card and apply the same changes to a source list.

Interactive search

Now, you can use a search control to display only tasks matching to the entered values (text, numbers, and symbols) that are displayed on cards.

Sorting field in a column (cell)

It is possible to apply tasks sorting in ascending and descending order with new buttons on the board header. We have also slightly changed the sorting option in board settings and grouped all sorting options in a single section.

You can apply the task sorting feature to change the order of tasks inside a column or inside a row.

  • Sorting by default means sorting by selected list view.
  • “Allow sorting tasks” options is used for custom sorting. The tasks will appear in the order you put them in a column manually with drag and drop feature.
  • “Sorting by field” option allows you to arrange tasks according to data in a field (for example, a date or task name). You can sort tasks in descending or ascending order.

Filters logic

We have changes the filters logic. When you apply several filters, they use AND operator. User filters work with OR operator.


You can use previously saved templates of other boards on your site collection. Board templates allow you to save current board setting in a file to apply it later as a template for another board. The template is saved as .kboj file on your computer. The name of the board used for template is the name of saved file. If the selected list has a completely different field set than the template has, you will see the notification with all fields that have no equivalent values in current list. All required fields taken from template that aren’t matching to the current list fields will be changed to similar lists that exist in current list.

You can download the latest version of Office 365 Kanban and try all its new features in a free trial.